TODAY   |  August 28, 2013

Honest ‘burglars’: We thought it was a trick

Football players Thomas James, Anthony Biondi, Kell’e Gallimore and Jelani Bruce of William Paterson University were surprised to find themselves in the news after they paid for items they took from a local store, not knowing the store was actually closed.

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>> morning. the william patterson university fighting pioneer football team . guys, good morning to all of you. it's great to have you here.

>> good morning.

>> we get to see what's happening on that video tape. we don't get to hear what you guys were saying to each other as that was all going down.

>> scared.

>> you were scared?

>> yeah.

>> we -- honestly we thought it was like a halloween gag or something.

>> you thought you were being punked.

>> we thought somebody would say, gotcha.

>> what were you buying?

>> i was buying batteriebatteries.

>> so you're waving at the camera, here's my money, good-bye, i'm leaving.

>> i had to get a chord for my speakers. i left it at home by accident.

>> i love when you're waving the money to the camera before putting it down. it would have taken us until that store reopened the next morning to figure out the tax. and you guys managed to do that. you took the time to do it, didn't you?

>> yeah.

>> what do you think about the reaction you have gotten? have you been surprised. you're on television, you're on the "today" show. everybody knows about it.

>> it's just ecstatic knowing that it's nationwide and everyone is hearing about it.

>> and your coach and parents are so proud of you.

>> my dad, he keeps calling me saying you really did that? you really did that?

>> your parents were shocked you were listening to them all this time.

>> all these years.

>> the character is what you do when nobody was watching and you guys did the right thing so congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> thanks for joining us.