TODAY   |  August 28, 2013

Caught on camera: Supposed burglars pay for items

When the vice president of a small store in New Jersey got a call that his store had been broken into, he was surprised to see that the supposed burglars actually paid for everything they took, tax included. NBC’s Tamron Hall reports.

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>> that will hopefully restore your faith in humidity.

>> imagine being a store manager and getting a call from police that someone broke into your place. you rush to the store thinking the worst, only to be surprised by what you find caught on camera.

>> it was at this buddy's small lots in wayne, new jersey about an hour after closing. surveillance footage shows four young men opening the door, looking around and then heading into the empty store. minutes later the tape shows the men casualty leaving with with several items in hand.

>> got the call that the store had been broken into and our vice president got down here.

>> managers arrived expecting the worst but when they looked around there was no sign of a break in. a closer look at the security cameras told a different tale. one of the men approaches the unmanned register.

>> jaw dropped when he realized these kids did shopping but paid for everything they took.

>> one of his friends follows up with merchandise of his own, waving cash at the camera and leaving it as well. tax included.

>> it's terrific that there are still people out there that have moral character not to do the wrong thing when they easily could.

>> managers put the word out hoping to track down the guys and reward their honesty. that's how kelly got a surprise of his own.

>>> as soon as i went on my laptop it was right there front page and i was excited. i was smiling because i was like i'm famous.

>> he and his friends are football players here at william patterson university and had no idea the store was closed.

>> we thought it was like, you know, somebody was just on break or something.

>> they kept looking for the clerk because the lights were on. the stores next door were open and the door was unlocked. managers say the lock was broken.

>> we had to get back to practice so we showed the money to the cameras and put it down and left.

>> earning the guys praise from the store and their parents.

>> he said you're lucky you did some good. he said i'm proud of you you're doing the right thing.