TODAY   |  August 28, 2013

Alleged ‘burglar to the stars’ caught with millions

Alleged cat burgler Blane Nordahl was nabbed after decades on the run with millions in silver, snatched from mansions across the country. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>> arrest of one of the country's most notorious thieves. a man accused of stealing valuables worth millions from homes all across the country. kerry sanders has details on this.

>> good morning, matt, the investigators call him the burglar to the stars. he is a master at his craft, sneaking into mansions and stealing millions of dollars worth of silver. now after decades on the run, he is behind bars.

>> reporter: authorities say he was on the prowl for more than three decades, but no more.

>> this time you can stick a fork in him because he is done.

>> reporter: the 51-year-old is considered one of the nation's most notorious cat burglars. nicknamed the burglar to the stars, he is accused of being a celebrity thief. there's even a wikipedia page detailing his heists, bruce springsteen , billy joel , steven spielberg . he snatched about $6 million in antique silver over the years. his m.o. was always the same, case a mansion, break in undetected, quitely steal the silver, sometimes while the homeowners were asleep in their beds. his ability to elude authorities, like a movie, catch me if you can.

>> you're going to have to catch me.

>> reporter: police consider him a master thief. always one step ahead. that is until monday. acting on a tip, deputies captured nordol in hilliard florida.

>> he seems to get a thrill on sneaking into someone's home and stealing their silver.

>> reporter: the latest targets were members of atlanta's high society . one lost special family heirlooms.

>> he knew exactly what to take.

>> reporter: he is a suspect in at least 70 burglaries in six states. he knows the stakes because he lost before. 17 years ago he was nabbed and served prison time for breaking into ivana trump 's connecticut home.

>> i think this is really the end.

>> reporter: connecticut police detective hunted him most of his career, even after retiring. he was relentless helping police finally nab their suspect.

>> i think that blaine is officially retired as a burglar.

>> he waived extradition at a hearing here on tuesday. he is expected to be taken to atlanta where he will be formally charged. the sheriff here said he has yet to obtain a attorney.