TODAY   |  August 27, 2013

iVillage reveals winners of Stuff We Love Awards

From fashion items to kitchen gadgets, the folks at iVillage have awarded 10 products in 10 categories their top honor. The winners include Kind bars and dENiZEN boot cut jeans.

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>>> back now with the stuff we love. members of the ivillage community voted on their favorite products in ten different categories.

>> and she is here to reveal the winners, liz good morning.

>> good morning. happy to be here.

>> good to see you. ten categories. we'll highlight five of them. the rest you can see on our website.

>> that's right.

>> can i start by opening the envelope.

>> absolutely. this is the winner of our squejeans category.

>> this is like the oscars.

>> levi's essential stretch. it's the modern boot cut jean.

>> this is taylor. this is from levis. it's available only at target. these fit every shape. we have love letters to these jeans on ivillage. they have a little bit of stretch in them. they're very comfortable and they're 27.99.

>> that's my favorite shape jean for sure.

>> some of the women writing in had dozens of pairs of these jeans. they're a great buy and that's really one of the great things about the ivillage stuff we love award fan favorites is they were all reasonably priced. everything that won was affordable. like these jeans.

>> keep that forever.

>> thank you so much.

>> thanks taylor.

>> next category is drugstore make up.

>> do you want to reveal as i'm doing this.

>> maybelline, instant age rewind dark spot concealer and treatment, 9.99.

>> available at drug stores all over the country. the cool thing about this is it's two in one. so it covers each spot. it covers on dry circles and also treats them while it's covering but the super cool thing about this is this cool fuzzy applicator thing. so when it actually goes on, it has this beautiful smooth air brush finish.

>> and it has vitamin c something in it.

>> exactly.

>> it reduces the appearance of age spots . so this is really a great product.

>> can i take a big bath in it?

>> $9.99.

>> very affordable.

>> favorite healthy snack.

>> yes.

>> do you want to do the reveal.

>> the winner is. kind nuts and spices cashew and ginger bars for $1.99.

>> you guys have to try these.

>> thank you.

>> they have a little bit of sweetness but only five grams of sugar. so you satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard.

>> i love it and the man that started it, i'm forgetting his name, saw me in a gym one day and said do you like kind bars an i said yes. he sent me a box of it. they're very generous and there's so many varieties of them.

>> my husband eats them for breakfast. they fill you up and only about 200 calories per bar.

>> really quickly, cleaning products. i need this for my walls and children. mr. clean, magic eraser .

>> you beat me to it if you have children and you don't know about mr. clean magic erasers, we're about to blow your minds with this.

>> put it in the water.

>> okay.

>> my kids go down the stairs like rubbing their hands on the wall.

>> of course they do and their hands are clean when they do it.

>> this gets anything off anything. have gotten sharpie off the furniture and it's great for pencil on the wall and anything.

>> gone, gone, gone.

>> category of kitchen gadgets.

>> kitchen gadgets.

>> all right.

>> lodge preseason cast iron combo cookers. 34.99.

>> this is another twofer. you get two pieces.

>> this is just a replica of this one. you get the skillet and the dutch oven .

>> this can be a top, right?

>> exactly. it can be a top. you can invert it. you can bake bread in it. it heats smoothly and evenly. i hope you didn't fill up on the kind bars because we're making breakfast.

>> this is amazing.

>> it's $35 and it lasts for. lasts for a lifetime.

>> the rest of our winners were honored in a ceremony early krier today.

>> the rest are on