TODAY   |  August 27, 2013

Short? Tall? Here are fall styles for you

Women who are tall or short can have a hard time finding the right look, but Isabel Gonzalez Whitaker of InStyle magazine shares some easy looks that suit any height, including skirts and samples of the menswear trend.

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>>> and that's your latest weather. if you're seeing some of the latest fashion trends for fall and thought you were too short or tall to wear them, we'll show you that height doesn't matter.

>> and isabelle gonzalez whitaker is the fashion editor of in style magazine. good morning.

>> good morning, thank you.

>> what's the main piece of advice for folks shopping as far as their height is concerned?

>> you don't want to be intimidated by any of these trends. certainly not the ones we are going to show you today. all of these trends are accessible. either purchase them separates or you're going to get them tailored and that's a minimal investment for long-term gain.

>> every single item of clothe as good tailored.

>> i wonder why.

>> well, because i'm 8 feet tall. but we were talking earlier about dressing for your body type . not dressing for somebody else's body type and wanting to be like somebody else.

>> let's start off with a new skirt. the shorter tide and then how to rock it if you're tall.

>> that's right. this is a flair skirt. it's a highly feminine look and the key is that you want to pair it with something fitted on top so you don't have a lot of volume head to toe . we have a shorter length because that's a more flattering length for a shorter petite frame. and it almost looks retro on caitlin but it has a modern graphic print and makes it more of the moment.

>> all right. ladies thank you so much.

>> beautiful.

>> there's a mens wear trend going on.

>> there is. it's a great practical trend for fall because it's about substantial fabrics, tweeds, wools.

>> mixing it with something more feminine.

>> exactly. so it's not to costumey head to toe . for jacqueline, this is an example of a trend you don't need tailored. we have basically taken a separate, in this case a jacket, fitted it with great skinny jeans to have that feminine kind of counter point and then in our tall model, we have a great menswear inspired pant but because of her height she can carry it off and you'll notice she is wearing a flat shoe.

>> yeah.

>> as long as the pant hits right at the top of your foot you can wear a flat.

>> it looks like a bowling shirt.

>> a little bit.

>> remind me never to consult with you when i'm trying to get dressed.

>> a nice silk button down.

>> there you go. she strikes a pose. anyway.

>> mad for plaid.

>> thank you ladies.

>> i love the idea. we love boy jeans and now we -- okay, plaid scares me. i get scared about it.

>> it's an accessible trend and not super accessible. on whenty we have a very romant romantic interpretation with this sweetheart neckline and then on mara, she is wearing a boxy cut jacket from zara and because of her height she can carry it off and she has a dress on that's a slimming silhouette. it looks beautiful.

>> ladies, thank you so much.

>> the taller you are the longer --

>> you can go. shorter frame, shorter length.

>> this is a taper trouser.

>> this is a good example of the emphasis needs to be at the ankle or slightly above the ankle. get a pair of pant you love hemmed or, for example, this is by banana republic and they come in various silhouettes. tall, regular, and petite. we love this look because it's more forgiving than a skinny jean and not a big pleated pant. this is a great look for weekend or work. it emphasizes the narrow part of your leg.

>> and also you put a flat on with with it in the daytime. you can put a t-shirt --

>> exactly. this should be in every woman's wardrobe.

>> you know this fashion stuff don't you?

>> just a little bit.

>> all right. well, let's bring all of our ladies out one more time to get another look. isabelle gonzalez whitaker,