TODAY   |  August 27, 2013

Brooke Shields: Miley Cyrus ‘can do what she wants’

TODAY’s Take guest co-host Brooke Shields’ comments about her former “Hannah Montana” co-star Miley Cyrus took off across the globe Monday. Brooke, Willie and Al talk about the continuing fallout from Cyrus’ antics at the VMAs and their own families’ reaction to them.

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>>> welcome to today on this tuesday morning, august 27th , 2013 . i'm willie geist with al roker and brooke shields back for another day.

>> you did not scare me away.

>> we learned a lot about brooke shields .

>> so i heard.

>> he's known me for a very long time.

>> i have.

>> did you know about her container store fetish?

>> yes.

>> you did.

>> we have seen each other in the container store .

>> can ty a cherry stem with her tongue.

>> didn't know that.

>> and could open a beer bottle with her forearm.

>> i could assume that.

>> got a lot of talent. we were talking yesterday about the rainbow loom.

>> your daughter made one for me.

>> well, there's a story there. your kids are out of town so they're not able to replenish your supply so i asked my daughter to make one for brooke. so she said i'll do that. we heard there would be a blue dressed involved today so she had run out of blue rubber bands. so we went to michaels.

>> she didn't stress.

>> are you kidding? she lives for this. we went to michaels and got the rainbow loom and our neighbor comes in and says, our next door neighbor says lucy what are you doing. she said i'm making a rainbow loom bracelet for brooke shields . without any context whatsoever and the neighbor said what? you're doing what? she does 75 to 100 a day.

>> somebody had to pay for that vacation.

>> use my first name. brooke. that's sort of a hybrid.

>> she gets to live for free in the apartment.

>> come on.

>> here's your rainbow loom curtesy of lucy g.

>> that's perfect. it can't be the same color. it's an accent.

>> i said you have to make one for al roker and she said i'm just so tired, dad. she had been working all day in the shop.

>> i can wait.

>> so tomorrow you're getting yours.

>> it will be worth it. i love them.

>> good. so we talked yesterday about the myiley cyrus thing at the vmas. miley cyrus 's mother on the show --

>> hannah montana .

>> boy it took off, your comments took off.

>> there's been controversy, things have not changed. but i do think that she is -- you can't keep her hannah montana forever. she obviously doesn't want to. she is expressing herself. she is not a baby. she can do what she wants. i just hope the parents of her younger fans are talking to their children about it because that transition for them, they see her as one way and it's shocking for them.

>> my 14-year-old said that was just unfortunate, you know? and i think part of it is not only was it kind of tasteless, but she can't dance, you know? it was a bad performance.

>> she can sing, you know? that's the piece that i sort of said -- i just kept saying why.

>> just let your talent through.

>> and think it's enough. there's always going to be people that think it's fine.

>> but we're still talking about it.

>> and we're still talking about it and also i'm a parent and i have a certain way i feel with my kids. you cut to her mother and her mother is cheering her on so that's okay for them.

>> and people ask doesn't mtv have a responsibility in all of this. yesterday the news comes out the ratings were up 66%.

>> the year before they were way down. they were up. people are looking forward to the justin timberlake 'nsync reunion but on the other hand people can vote with their television. if they're upset.

>> we talked yesterday about robin thicke who was the other guy in this act. his mother, robin thicke mother spoke out yesterday saying i just keep thinking of her mother and father watching this, oh, lord, have mercy. i was not expecting her to be putting her butt that close to my son. the problem is now i can never unsee it.

>> did gloria see robin's video?

>> that's true.

>> i'm just wondering if she saw the uncut version. i'm just wondering. there were more than one --

>> i wonder if they have spoken with him? if she has to explain to momma.

>> maybe i was reading too much into it. but i saw a look on his face in the moment like what am i doing here? miley was online retweeting comments from rolling stone that praised her performance. miley was the one star in the room that actually understood what the mtv video music awards were all about. miley stole the night which is why the nation is still in recovery today. thanks miley .

>> somewhere they're smiling.

>> yes. this one is for you. we're bracing ourselves according to the farmer's almanac for a piercing cold, bitterly cold, biting cold coming winter. it comes out every year.

>> they think it's going to be cold.

>> chilly.

>> that's the point they're trying to make. it's 197-year-old publication. how much faith do you put it as an meteorologist?

>> well, there's a reason why farmers hung it in the outhouse. it is a wonderful publication it really is. as far as it's meet roendometriosi meet -- that is concerned. the super bowl is this year. they're going to call it a storm bowl. it's in february, in the northeast, it might snow. so it's not like you have to -- you're going to be a genius.

>> the washington post said it's baseless and lacks credibility. i think they're being kind.

>> are you anticipating it? is there something that's happening?

>> no. nobody knows .

>> winter is going to be cold.

>> it's going to be cold. go with that.

>> okay. take that one to the bank. i always feel half bad showing these things.

>> but just half bad.

>> there was a magical moment captured at the recent miss philippines usa pageant held in california. she was asked among the five senses what do you prefer to have. if you could only have one and why. here is how she responded.

>> if i have to pick out of five senses i would pick seeing because seeing is the best that we can ever see because see as good believing and it's perfect. and out of all the senses, seeing would really with be wonderful because, thank you.

>> thank you so much.

>> the camera guy dozed off there.

>> oh, god.

>> i wish i could lose my hearing right now.

>> his sense of seeing was put to the test.

>> tipped that botle of jack daniels . i can't believe this is my life.

>> have you ever gotten into one of those where you're answering something and you're starting to hear yourself answer and then you're nervous? it is a train wreck.

>> we have all that h that on the air.

>> i have done it in front of you a couple of times.

>> so this got us reminiscing a bit.

>> you only feel half bad.

>> you feel so bad you're going to dig this one up.

>> this is miss utah earlier at the miss usa pa subsequent asked about women earning less than men.

>> i think we can relate this back to education and how we are continuing to try to strive to figure out how to create jobs right now. that is the biggest problem and i think that especially the men are seen as the leaders of this. so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so that we can solve this problem.

>> everything she said is true. it just wasn't formulated the best.

>> and it wasn't about the question. it wasn't actually the answer.

>> thank you for calling me on that one.

>> i mean, no, i spent a good portion of my career not answering the question. i was very good at just -- by the time i was done answering people were like oh.

>> give them that.

>> i just walked away with pride.

>> they always feel like they have to fill the time too. you can just walk away , can't you? give one answer and walk right away.

>> one and done.

>> al, i'm interested for your take on this one. a study of the u.k. found young single men change their sheets only -- how often per year would you guess?

>> per year?

>> i was going to go once a month.

>> how about four times a year. they change them quarterly.

>> boys are dirty.

>> the average woman changes hers every 2 1/2 weeks.

>> i took my daughter to summer camp and gave her three changes of sheets. i said are these the sheets when we got there -- these are the sheets we put on your bed. she said yeah.

>> i was like oh my god.

>> when she came wac were there --

>> i burned them. i just put them in a pile. i lit a match.

>> i'm sure also some people think well i took a shower before i went to bed. i got in bed clean.

>> the average human being sweats a cup of sweat every night.

>> in their sleep?

>> in their sleep.

>> is that true?

>> yes.

>> a cup? where does that cup go?

>> look it up.

>> where does that cup go?

>> it goes on your sheets.

>> i know, in your bed.

>> i'm going to change my sheets.