TODAY   |  August 27, 2013

New weight-loss mantra: Just don’t gain

New research suggests that these three little words will make a big impact on putting an end to the infamous “weight creep”: slowly gaining one to two pounds every year. Scientists at Duke University say that focusing on notgaining weight, rather than on losing it, is a more reliable method for shedding the pounds.

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>> that could be a secret to a successful diet. just don't gain. some people are stressing over shedding the last few pounds only to find no change but maybe you should think about it in a whole different way. scientists at duke found a more successful weight loss strategy was to focus on not gaining weight rather than losing. don't try to lose weight , just say i don't try to gain. people that use that method were more likely to avoid the weight creep. that's a pretty good plan.

>> that's what i have been trying to do.

>> think of it in the