TODAY   |  August 27, 2013

Something to lose sleep over: Sleep texting

Sleep disorder specialists are sounding the alarm on a new trend of sleep talking: sleep texting. A Pew study shows that many Americans sleep with smartphones near their bed, and that most sleep texting occurs within two hours of falling asleep, when you’re in deep slumber.

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>>> gotten up in the morning and looked at your cell phone and you see a text message that you don't remember sending? well, sleep disorder specialists are sounding the alarm on sleep texting. it's a growing problem according to some now that so many of us sleep with our smartphones right next to the bed. a study found that figure to be as high as 2-thirds of all americans. so specialists say sleep texting occurs somewhere around two hours after you fall asleep when deep restful slumber normally begins. to ensure you get a good nights sleep, experts recommend shutting off desiess an hour before bed and removing them from your bedroom entirely.

>> no way.

>> i think if i were to wake up in the middle of the night and actually text somebody i would be awake.

>> but some people sleep talk or talk in their sleep or sleep walk .

>> i got one from you -- it made no sense.

>> that was an ambien moment. i don't know about that.