TODAY   |  August 27, 2013

Mika: ‘Somebody should be fired’ over Cyrus on MTV

Attorney Star Jones, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski and Dr. Nancy Snyderman discuss Miley Cyrus’ controversial MTV VMAs performance.

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>>> now we're back at 8:37 with today's professionals here to tackle the hot topics. star jones and nancy snyderman and sitting in for donny this morning --

>> i'm donny?

>> from nbc's morning joe .

>> the first topic is miley cyrus and the vmas. you were outspoken. you called the performance disturbing.

>> it was.

>> let me ask you the next question, parents groups are saying someone at mtv needs to be fired.

>> absolutely. absolutely. somebody should be fired.

>> it's hard to believe there weren't parents at mtv who couldn't have put two and two together.

>> didn't we expect this? they push the envelope every single year. did you not expect --

>> there's pushing the envelope and there's raunchy porn that's disgusting and disturbing and seeing a 20-year-old young woman in the process of her undoing and everyone clapping for it and being disturbed by it and showing it, which i hope we don't. i don't want to see it. don't show it here on my segment here with you guys, please don't show it.

>> nobody disagrees. but i think it speaks more to young women speaking that being oversexualized is a way to be seen and to be heard.

>> but star, that's exactly what we don't want our young girls to be.

>> that's what she is -- she is feeling as if in order to be seen in america, to be seen in her business she must be --

>> she is 20. she can't even figure out who she is.

>> i agree with star on this. the only thing that surprises me is that we're surprised. she is a paid performer trying to bridge the gap between adolescent star and adult star. she's on the most provocative award show of the year. but the fact that we're in the media surprised by it is ridiculous.

>> i have my parent head on. i'm not a member of the media right now.

>> right now you are.

>> sorry. not so. where are the parental guidelines to take her from hannah montana to the next stage.

>> matt and star, oversexualized is one thing. is it sexual to stick your face in the back of a life sized teddy bear and stick your tongue out. we're talking about raunch.

>> one is a level of taste and over the line. we all agree on that. the other is the fact that we're all talking about it. instead of getting criticized she should get an a plus for accomplishing exactly what she wanted to accomplish.

>> there was a party afterwards, why do you think she didn't show up.

>> there's probably a lot of other reasons.

>> really?

>> starting next spring at 200 colleges across the country, graduating students will be able to volunteer to take a test. it's an exit version of the sats and employers, perspective employers will look at the score you get on that test and be able to judge how you fair in the work place. how do we feel about this?

>> i like the whole idea. when you're looking at what a person's core values are and whether or not they will fit within a particular corporate structure or work environment, that not just your grade point average is the evaluation. i think it's a good idea.

>> i knew i wanted to be a doctor since i was in third grade. so whereon what the test would have told me about medical school and residency. my concern is that we continue to narrow the heard looking for this person. i'm not sure the core value things work.

>> i'm not a good test taker so i wouldn't have a job.

>> me either. i didn't do well on the sats so why would i do well on this.

>> look at who you were then and what could a test have told you.

>> do you know who should be worried about this test? colleges. they say we're giving them a great education. if they do poorly they look bad.

>> for $50,000 a year.

>> your core values don't change. who you are at 20 years old in your core is who you will be.

>> let's hope that's not the case.

>> budget offshoot of singapore airlines now offering a new thing. for $14 extra you can buy a ticket and you can sit on their plane in a kid- free zone . who is up for that?

>> i'll take it any time.

>> no kids under 12.

>> i'll take it any time, any place.

>> would you pay more than $14.

>> yeah, i would. i don't have any problem with it whatsoever. if it's a long flight and i can sit where it's quite. i'll pay it.

>> if you want do, walk on with your baby.

>> men do not love us when we walk on with our babies. i would not do it because i think it's antimother.

>> from what i read on twitter i think people would pay not to sit next to me. whatever.

>> by the way --

>> i'd pay $12 to sit next to you.

>> it's the front few rows of economy. you pay the extra money you get stuck in the last row of the kid- free zone with kids right behind you.

>> and the diaper zone and the toilet.

>> there you go.

>> star, dr. nancy, mika, good to have you here.