Image: Cyrus and Thicke perform "Blurred Lines" during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in New York
Lucas Jackson / Reuters

TODAY   |  August 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance draws anger, concern

The world is still buzzing about Miley Cyrus’ performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards Sunday night, which has drawn anger from some parents and concern by people close to the young singer. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>>> with more backlash of miley cyrus 's performance at the mtv video music awards . it is growing this morning. mara is here with more on that. good morning.

>> good morning everyone. if miley cyrus wanted attention she is getting it. her appearance watched by more than 10 million people still has the internet abuzz and some parents fuming. miley cyrus knows how to make an entrance and an impact. her racy performance at sunday night's vmas stole the show for all the wrong reasons.

>> that was really disturbing. that young lady who is 20 is obviously deeply troubled, deeply disturbed .

>> i want to know who is advising her and why it's necessary.

>> reporter: inspiring open letters expressing concern to cyrus along with with open disstain from parents across america.

>> it was disgusting and shocking, apalling.

>> reporter: especially to those that grew up with cyrus as disney's hannah montana .

>> i was surprised she would be almost naked on stage.

>> reporter: i used to want to be her when i was little. it was upsetting to see the way she was acting.

>> reporter: with miley growing up so fast how do parents reach out to those that may look to her as a role model.

>> it maybe an uncomfortable situation for families but it's our responsibility to put things in perspective and context for our children and ultimately to replace the media messages with your own values.

>> it was crazy. i mean, we spoke about it. she knows my opinion on that. i mean, she knows that i felt that miley didn't respect herse herself.

>> reporter: and while there are those that don't want her to stop saying miley cyrus is a grown work, twerk on. for others, it's too late.

>> i think she is going to lose a lot of her fans and a lot of respect also.

>> robin thicke joined her on stage for part of the performance and his mom is weighing in. the former actress said i don't get what her point was. it was so over the top as to almost be a parody of itself. the photo that went viral of will smith and his family looking horrified was him reacting to lady gaga 's performance and not mileys.

>> taken out of context.

>> their expression spoke for a nation. robin thicke 's wife said she wasn't offended and they rehearsed it. they planned every move.

>> it was choreographed.

>> which is why some parents groups are prompting the call for somebody to be fired