TODAY   |  August 27, 2013

Feral Savannah cat spotted in Detroit

Locals have called animal control after spotting a large cat on the loose in Detroit. The creature has been described as a cross between an African serval and a house cat, and residents are claiming it is roughly 85 pounds and up to 4 feet tall.

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>>> cat is out of the bag in detroit and it has some people there afraid to actually leave their houses. listen up, here's why. the cat is being described by some people as being up to 4 feet tall and 85 pounds. residents say they're creeped out, understandably, and have called animal control for a little bit of help but it's still on the loose. some people that have seen it or claim they have seen it say they think it's a savannah cat . it's a hybrid that's a cross between an african and domestic house cat . this is the savannah they're looking for.

>> we planned that.

>> you can see why the residents are pretty scared. it's 7:13, matt, savannah, now i am frightened and terrified of