TODAY   |  August 27, 2013

Millions of Syrian child refugees look to Jordan

Having fled the violence within Syria, nearly 2 million refugees, a million of them children, are living in refugee camps in Jordan. NBC's Ann Curry reports.

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>>> people have become refugees fleeing the violence in syria and more than half of them are children. ann curry is a long syria 's border this morning with jordan. ann, good morning to you.

>> that's right. good morning to you. good morning everybody. we are inside the biggest refugee camp in this crisis. here on jordan's border with syria it is bursting at the seems with more than 130,000 people and in this dust bowl we found one small boy, one of the 1 million .

>> reporter: every morning in this camp, this 7-year-old frech fetches water with his brother and washes himself and sits down to a modest breakfast. today it's eggs and pita bread. he barely escaped with his life. when war came to his hometown, dara in syria . he tells us we were not allowed to leave the house because snipers would start shooting at us. they would slaughter the men and cutoff their fingers or arms and throw their bodies into the schools.

>> reporter: six weeks ago playing outside with his 10-year-old brother and friends, something exploded. he was hit by shrapnel and watch closed friends die. one had his stomach cut open. the fighting was as close to you as us. we fell and scraped our knees. sometimes we started shaking. even our mothers started crying. his mother described their escape.

>> translator: when we heard a sniper was close we told the children to crawl along the road. thank god they listened to us and they are safe.

>> reporter: they walked three days leaving his father, a cook, to fight as a rebel. they heard from him once since they left home. now his mother weeps for all their lost loved ones. today, safe in the camp, he gets a chance to be a kid again. but at night, he says it's hard to sleep. he dreams of his father and cries. one of the 1 million stories, a tragedy for syria 's children. now back to you savannah.