TODAY   |  August 26, 2013

Brooke Shields shows off her cocktail party tricks

While co-hosting TODAY’s Take with Willie Geist, the actress shows off some of her lesser-known talents, including opening a beer bottle with her forearm and tying a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue.

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>>> welcome back to today on this monday morning, 26th of august, 2013 . i'm willie geist with brooke shields here with us all week. we already learned so much about her.

>> so much more to learn.

>> natalie and al are off today. the interview we talked about earlier with the containers is going to come back to haunt you again. we learned more things about you.

>> this is making me nervous.

>> let's start with the easy thing which is you can open a beer bottle with your forearm. you just put it like this.

>> that's a strong forearm.

>> well, you have to get it right there.

>> wow.

>> there we go. then it's done.

>> wow.

>> yeah.

>> just kidding.

>> did you learn that at studio 54 ?

>> that is one thing i learned at studio 54 .

>> when you were 12.

>> here you go liza.

>> it's bad.

>> that was really impressive.

>> so, i don't know --

>> you can do the thing which i thought was difficult --

>> it's a shame i didn't have dates in college. i think we should have a contest. you should try it.

>> she is tying a not with a cherry stem.

>> oh, shoot. i just did it.

>> let me see this.

>> that is a knot. that's a full knot. can we get a close up of that.

>> and i was a virgin until i was 22.

>> you were a virgin.

>> that's why. that's why. no prom date.

>> you were busy.

>> i was cultivating my talents.

>> and organizing your containers.

>> you want some purell of something?

>> no i'm so impressed.

>> i will never soocease to amazing you.

>> we're only 30 minutes into