TODAY   |  August 26, 2013

White House chef cooks healthy back-to-school meals

To help plan dishes for your kids as they head back to school, White House chef Sam Kass shares some easy and delicious recipes, including a turkey wrap with hummus.

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>>> we are back this morning on today's kitchen, healthy back to school menus. first lady michelle obama launched her let's move initiative to teach families how to make better news choices. well, sam is the program's executive director. good morning. good to see you.

>> good to be here.

>> do you feel like the program is having the intended effect? do you think people are thinking differently about food, now?

>> absolutely. we're seeing the country unite around our kid's health and seeing obesity rates starting to come down and now we have to get them in school and getting healthy.

>> there's a new initiative this year and the focus is getting kids to move and do exercise.

>> we're looking at it wholisticallily. last year the new school lunch standards were in place. they're cooking much healthier food and that will happen this year and next year much healthier food at vending machines and then the first lady's initiative to get kids active throughout the school day . parents can get involved. they can sign up and help their schools.

>> you are going to cook. these are healthy nutritious breakfast on the go. this is a baked eggs thing.

>> yeah, a little planning can go a long way. here we're going to do some potatoes with sausage, greens, and cheese. but if you had chicken the night before and green beans , you can cut it up the night before.

>> you can prep this the night before.

>> all could be done the night before. all you do is throw some of this. this could be ground beef. it could be bacon. it can be whatever you want .

>> all right.

>> we'll put greens in there. green beans , it could be broccoli.

>> this is chard.

>> i know it anywhere, sam.

>> is it butter or oil?

>> olive oil or a little butter can work. get it warm. so right now you're basically done. we're going to poor our eggs in.

>> how many eggs is that?

>> six eggs. three or four kids. just a little salt and put cheese on top. let this go on the stove and cover it or pop it in the oven at 300 for six or seven minutes.

>> you can bake it?

>> yeah.

>> you're trying to tell me this is healthy. it looks delicious.

>> turkey sausage, greens, low fat cheese. seven minutes or so.

>> beautiful. can we taste it.

>> yeah.

>> take this one.

>> i'll eat, you talk. you did the state dinner last year.

>> yes, the first lady hosts kids from all over the country. one winner from each state gets to come to the white house for cooking a healthy recipe. they get the full service , butlers, entertainment, white house china . like 8-year-olds making the most delicious food. it was amazing.

>> this i give an a plus too. now a smoothie. these are fresh berries and that's important. using stuff in season.

>> you can buy fruit when it's in season when it's cheaper and freeze it. then all you do is pop some in a blender like this. add a little low fat milk and a little honey. just a touch if you need it. but you don't necessarily.

>> don't go crazy.

>> just a little bit. add a little sweetness and then you blend it.

>> what about these bananas?

>> oh, yeah.

>> they're sitting there. are those frozen or does it matter?

>> you can use fresh bananas. but the point is you can freeze it. it's good to go.

>> i didn't know you could do that. yeah. you just blend it up.

>> the magic of television.

>> and you have whole wheat toast and smoothie. as good as it gets.

>> put a little butter on that toast?

>> absolutely.

>> and a couple of snacks. tell us how you make those.

>> tasty, right?

>> really good.

>> afternoon snacks. here we have simple popcorn with dried fruit . you can use any fruit you want. cherries and nuts. toss with olive oil and salt. if your kids like spicy, a little and it's good.

>> just a little .

>> and put a little humus on there.

>> so you get the moisture but not all the fat.