TODAY   |  August 26, 2013

Miley, Gaga, Timberlake top weekend Google searches

The Video Music Awards dominated the weekend’s Google searches. Daniel Sieberg, a Google technologist, says performers like Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry topped the search rankings.

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>> knox have you on google this weekend.

>> here to break it down is daniel. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i guess obviously one of the big searches last night and this morning still, the vmas.

>> yeah. over the weekend the search interest was building up. it's almost a two or three screen kind of event. you have your laptop and smartphone and you're watching it on tv as well. we saw search interest around different performances, let's be honest, one of them got a lot of interest.

>> miley.

>> yeah.

>> but certainly lady gaga . she came out there with her opening act singing applause and of course costume changes.

>> that's still miley. there we are with lady gaga .

>> and to close the show katy perry performed roar which is her new song from her new album as well. lots of search interest around plenty of performances and the nsync reunion.

>> and lady gaga and katy perry have albums coming out.

>> it's a measure of how crazy miley cyrus was when nobody is talking about lady gaga wearing two shells and a loin cloth and something else.

>> it's almost as if we have seen it.

>> that's the problem too. they keep having to get crazier and crazier.

>> expect the unexpected.

>> next one, batman, ben afleck . there was news about batman and people are not responding so kindly.

>> the reviews were mixed about ben afleck playing batman in the new movie scheduled to come out in july of 2015 . not a lot of folks were too thrilled. so people were searching not only ben afleck but previous batman characters and actors. so for example we saw a lot of search interest around val val kilmer and he was online in defense of ben afleck . give him a chance. we haven't seen him in this role yet although he did play a similar role in daredevil so that was being searched as well.

>> not many people were searching clooney, right?

>> yeah.

>> michael keaton because of the lips.

>> it's tough to play batman and not a lot of people are too happy about it.

>> you have to be a good actor. you don't have -- you don't have a lot to show and work with.

>> there's a passionate fandom behind batman.

>> i don't get the backlash.

>> i don't either.

>> next one is -- what is our next one here.

>> it's the "i have a dream" speech.

>> wednesday is the anniversary.

>> exactly. the anniversary itself, august 28th is the anniversary of martin luther king 's "i have a dream" speech. we saw the beginning of the events at the national mall . tens of thousands of people. speeches from al sharpton . eric holder , the attorney general was there.

>> and obama is going to be there on wednesday, right?

>> on wednesday. he is scheduled to speak and it will be people talking about this moment in time and a lot of search interest around the speech itself, maybe wanting to see what did he say and how is that resinating today.

>> whatever your politics, 50 years later an african american president standing there.

>> yeah, powerful.

>> and amanda knox .

>> yeah, there's a new trial been ordered in florence italy. she was, the appellate court acquitted her in 2011 of this murder of her roommate. she is back in the u.s. and student at the university of washington . she had a book come out called waiting to be heard but this new trial starts september 30th and her lawyers said she is not going to go back for the trial. not surprising but she generates a lot of search interest a lot of the time even though this took place in 2007 .

>> she was there for four years prior to being acquitted.

>> yeah and even then we have seen interest around her.

>> quite a mixed bag of stuff there.