TODAY   |  August 26, 2013

TODAY’s Take: It was a wild night at VMAs

TODAY’s Willie Geist and guest co-host Brooke Shields, who played Miley Cyrus’ TV mom on “Hannah Montana,” talk about the controversial dance Miley performed at MTV’s Video Music Awards, and how Brooke’s own early stardom affected her.

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker , natalie morales , and willie geist . live from studio 1 -a in rockefeller plaza .

>>> welcome to today on this monday morning. it's august 26th , 2013 . a little overcast. cooling off here in new york city . i'm willie geist along with brooke shields . she is my special guest cohost this week. al will be back tomorrow. it's cool to have you here.

>> cool to be here.

>> we're bonded immediately.

>> instantly.

>> we have the rainbow loom.

>> my daughters made them.

>> your daughters are 10 and 7.

>> yes, this is the 7-year-old because the 10 made for me and then she took it.

>> she took it back.

>> yeah. they do them constantly. there's double ones. i said what is it. she said it's a rainbow loom, mom.

>> me too. my daughter now, you can barely distinguish where the rainbow loom ends and her skin begins. i told her she looked like mr. t. she is like who is mr. t?

>> they're all doing it.

>> we spent most of our vacation on the rainbow loom.

>> it's actually sweet, too. we used to wear the rope bracelets in the summer. but it's sweet to watch them just play and actually play with things not electronic.

>> they're outside with the fine motor skills . it's good. we're happy to have you here on any day but especially day. it's a strange vma day that you can relate to on so many levels.

>> disturbing.

>> so you were miley's mother.

>> i was hannah montana 's mother. i don't approve.

>> i was going to say.

>> where did i go wrong.

>> you think to yourself last night, wow.

>> what have i done.

>> there you are with hannah. that's a long time ago.

>> a long time ago.

>> it feels like it.

>> i'm her dead mother, maybe that's the problem. maybe that's it.

>> they wrote you out a little too quickly.

>> they did. before the hair cut . they totally wrote me out. i just want to know who is advising her and why it's necessary. the whole finger thing and the hand and robin probably at that point was going i don't think this is a good idea. he also doesn't have to do it. he's got this hit song . he's nominated.

>> if you didn't see it last night. these are the vma awards . we're not going to show you the worst parts because a lot of kids haven't gone back to school yet.

>> my 7 -- our 7 -- we have a love child .

>> yes, we do.

>> my 7-year-old, my 10-year-old, they can't watch that.

>> no.

>> i feel -- here's the thing, it's a bit desperate. are you trying to be gatheriga, but she has a genius behind all of it. it's not just display. it's different.

>> i think there's also -- i said this earlier, there's a big disney overcorrection which is to say that whether you're christina, britney spears , or miley cyrus , you have been this kid actor and with brooke shields on the show and you have to show them i'm grown up. this is my new brand.

>> we went to her concert with my daughters who were upset and met her when i was playing her mother and then we went to her miley cyrus concert. it was a very different vibe.

>> i'm sure.

>> she didn't have as much time to say hello to my kids and i saw my daughter's face. and she was like she is busy. she is tired and my daughter said mom i think she is very tired and very, very busy. but you could see her trying to hard to go against that.

>> she can try.

>> she can sing. she can sing beautifully. i felt like if she let that lead rather than her bottom lead.

>> and it was leading.

>> if you notice us looking down, we're looking at a photograph that we're not going to show you this morning.

>> and the tongue out. it's a little desperate.

>> trying so hard.

>> trying so, so hard.

>> and robin thicke has to be out there. he is 30 something.

>> he's got kids.

>> he's got a young kid.

>> is that the move right there.

>> and it's not necessary. i think that that's the -- that's the piece of the information.

>> if you want to watch the worst parts go online. we wanted to shield you and your children this morning.

>> she went for it. you have to give her credit. we're all talking about her and every station is talking about her -- not that there are any other stations at all.

>> no.

>> i didn't -- my bad.

>> that's not cool at all. unless you think we're just old, there's a picture going around online, of will smith and his family, but we believe this is the moment they were watching the move we're describing but not showing you.

>> i think it's funny that i had a problem with i whip my hair back and forth.

>> right.

>> that's too much.

>> but they're shocked.

>> they're stunned.

>> it's stunning.

>> so here's the question, is it worse than 1984 , madonna in the wedding dress at the vma's working over the floor a little bit? the kiss, madonna britney and britney with the snake?

>> when i was doing calvin klien ads and i was young there was controversy about that.

>> it's funny you should mention that.

>> oh, queue the clip.

>> we have that ready.

>> queue the brooke shields clip.

>> how old were you.

>> 15.

>> did you have your parents have any reservations about you doing that?

>> no, because it was not considered that risque and i was very naive. i wasn't reading into the dialogue the way other people read into it.

>> right.

>> i didn't know that. i would say things like, well, nothing comes between me and my career or my mom or my dog. obviously not thinking that the spelling was different.

>> nothing between the jeans.

>> or the other word that they --

>> yeah.

>> your life and career is so interesting. it ties into this miley cyrus thing because if you look at the films you did as a young girl and you were a girl, you took neat for nudity in those movies. you were hanging out at studio 54 when you were a teenager.

>> i don't know how i didn't become --

>> well, that's it. how did you come out the other end?

>> i think because i stayed in school. because i was -- i was kept pretty naive. i was in a bubble. i went to regular children schools. so i was never allowed to take off school and -- they wanted me to take a correspondence course and i didn't do that. we had a strong family. we didn't have social media . it wasn't as rampant. the access to our youth was not as bad as it is today.

>> because you were on -- you were total fast track in your career and all of a sudden you said i'm going to stop and go to princeton. i don't think most young kids on that path make that decision. some do, but most don't.

>> i didn't have control of my money. i wasn't given lumps of money. we would buy a house or a car and that was it and i lived with my mother in new york city . it was a very different environment living on the west coast to the east coast as far as entertainment is concerned. you're not consumed by it here. i had -- very few of my friends were from the entertainment business. and when i would go to studio 54 , i was there when they opened the doors and i was home in two hours.

>> come on. you weren't down in the basement.

>> no, the bag never got tossed around. i never saw the bag. there was supposed to be this candy being. i nev bag. i never saw it. i was a pet. they took care of me. i never went to where the room was until i was stalling in cabaret and that was my dressing room .

>> is that right?

>> that exact room was my dressing room .

>> was there any left over stuff there?

>> i looked everywhere. it has to be here.

>> left anything behind?

>> chiselling out a wall he signed.

>> when the moon and the spoon came out, you weren't there.

>> no, no moon, no spoon.

>> youngest age you went to pseudoo studio 54 .

>> had to be right after pretty baby . so it was 12.

>> 12 at studio 54 . but it was the thing. i'm so gangsta.

>> you are and if i ever say that again, please fire me.

>> stop doing that.

>> let's stop that.