TODAY   |  August 26, 2013

Are more J.D. Salinger books coming?

An upcoming book and documentary that gives new insight into the “Cather in the Rye” author’s personal life says that Salinger reportedly told his publishers to release as many as five new works that could come out as early as 2015.

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>> okay. also trending on new york times website, a new book on the way from one of history's most notable authors. a new upcoming book and documentary from j.d. salinger . some works are said to be new and some are extensions of past writings and they could come out as early as 2015 . he passed away in 2010 . meanwhile his son and widow are keeping mum on the plans of the article. there's pictures never been seen before and details about his relationship. incredible. one of his wives, they were married for two years. she went down for breakfast and an airline ticket back to germany was on the plate.

>> subtle.

>> very interesting person.

>> you're like, oh, and did it work? just kidding.

>> well, this is very fascinating