TODAY   |  August 26, 2013

Did Bobby Riggs lose iconic tennis match on purpose?

A new report from ESPN alleges that Bobby Riggs threw the groundbreaking “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match against Billie Jean King nearly 40 years ago to pay off gambling debts to criminals.

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>> trending on msn, a scandal surrounding the battle of the sexes tennis match. billie jean king defeated bobby riggs in front of a crowd. many people saw it as a benchmark for women's equality in the sports world . on a new report this weekend alleges that riggs actually threw the match to have gambling debt to the mob wiped out. they overheard four mob members talking about the fix in 1972 . riggs passed away in '95. billie jean king has not commented.

>> is it the same people popping up saying they know these things.

>> i believe she won fair and square.

>> let's go with that.

>> speaking of epic tennis rivalries, well, matt and i went and played tennis with serena williams and andy murray . matt did well of course and there's andy and i discussing strategy.

>> okay.

>> i was like i can't serve, nor can i hit at the net.

>> what about the part where you yelled at the umpire?

>> i did.

>> at least you had a great outfit on.

>> half the battle is how you look. you look adorable.

>> thank you. you don't know