TODAY   |  August 26, 2013

‘Caught’ on camera: 350 lb. marlin leaps into boat

A huge blue marlin was hooked but not yet reeled in when the big fish found its own way onto a fishing boat off the coast of the Dominican Republic, nearly clobbering the fisherman.

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>>> caught on camera, marlin fishing doesn't get easier than this. check it out, 350 pound blue marlin was hooked but hadn't been reeled in when the fisherman got a surprise. take a look, the big fish found it's own way on to the boat. they usually release the catch back into the ocean. they did not in this case because the marlin died of a self-sustained injury. the crew did donate the fish to grateful local fishermen. how about that. look at that?

>> it's 8:05. true but shocking savannah and carl.

>> i was going to say they didn't do the catch and release because the marlin