TODAY   |  August 26, 2013

Daily sex for a year? Here’s what she learned

What happens when you have sex every day for a year? Brittany Gibbons wrote about her experience doing just thaton her blog “Brittany Herself.”

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>> now to something that could be seen as a dream come true for some. for others, maybe not so much. what happens when a woman sets out to have sex with her husband every day for an entire year? well, britney gibbons did that and wrote about her experience on her blog britney herself.

>> good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> first question, why? what were you trying to accomplish or figure out by having sex with your husband 365 days in a row.

>> i know it's a really provocative thing but a lot of body imagine things are in the news. we have amazing women in fashion and public but that doesn't enter the bedroom and self-esteem issues weren't ending in the bedroom.

>> you have been married a long time and have three kids and felt like i still don't feel comfortable with myself, with my husband and you felt like that was hurting the relationship?

>> i did. he would tell me amazing things and my head would hear it but my brain wouldn't process it. i realize that a lot of it was up to me. i had to get in that place in order to enjoy it. so i worked on that. that's what i worked on for an entire year.

>> instead of avoiding sex you dove into it. let's get practical for a few minutes here. was it 365 days in a row.

>> it was. varying travel or like i had my gallbladder out. but overall, yes.

>> you have three kisd.

>> first of all, there's the matter of exhaustion but how did you find time?

>> you know, that was a huge problem to begin with. we have three small kids. i'm exhausted now just talking about it but i'm not going to lie. if it was in the closet or bathroom, it counted.

>> i heard you had a creative way to keep the kids out of the room.

>> santa claus meetings.

>> that's what you told them.

>> we did. if it's important they'll keep out. we told them we were meeting with santa and they didn't want to interrupt it.

>> that's a brilliant thing.

>> your husband, andy, obviously agreed to let you write about this and make it so public. we asked him about the effect he felt it had on the relationship. let's take a look.

>> now that i think the level of comfort has come together it's a little bit easier to find time and to want to find time. that's probably the biggest thing. not just finding the time. but wanting to find the time.

>> so it really works. it sounds like it really transformed the relationship.

>> it really did. it took awhile to get in a space where we understand i had a self-esteem issue with myself. he was hurt that he thought he was not living up to his end of the bargain. and it worked out publicly.

>> there must have been times when it felt like a chore.

>> it did. the act wasn't a chore. it's now i get to go be uncomfortable in my skib. the burden of the emotional part.

>> i'm dying to know what your friends thought.

>> my friends thought it was crazy but his friends wanted to get their wives on board with it.

>> your friends are thinking thank you for giving my husband these ideas. is it something you recommend for others? you feel like it was good for the relationship?

>> the underlying message is good. a lot of our self-esteem is our own responsibility. we can only get so much from our partners and friends. a large part is schanging how we see ourselves.

>> you're not going for another 365 days ?

>> i'm exhausted.

>> thank you so much. still ahead, how to decipher the codes on price tags.

>> and the recipes that are