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TODAY   |  August 26, 2013

Trump: Attorney general ‘total lightweight’

Business mogul Donald Trump defends Trump University in an interview with TODAY’s Carl Quintanilla, saying that enrollees got what they paid for and calling Attorney General Eric Schneiderman a “total lightweight” who let “Wall Street rape everybody.”

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>>> that. donald trump is on the phone with us this morning. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> the attorney general takes a look at the literature you used to sell the seminars and you say things like learn from my hand pick experts. did you hand pick these instructors and have anything to do with writing the courses?

>> absolutely. i was totally involved. i was involved to a high degree. it's not my main business but applications resumes, i met with people. i had a lot to do with it and what they discussed. as you know, i was one of the good people in terms of picking the housing market . i told people what to do and if they would have listened to me they would have made a lot of money. had school had a 98% approval. harvard doesn't have one.

>> yeah but those are universities mr. trump. you used that word until they told you that the state charter doesn't let you use that term.

>> we filed an application, the application was accepted and signed by a person in the state but when they ultimately came back and said you're not allowed to use the word university. we changed the name and took the word out. very simple. let me just tell you something, we're dealing with an attorney general who everyone in new york knows is a total lightweight. he is very unpopular. he lets him -- disappear, $1.4 billion disappear and doesn't do a thing. he goes after donald trump for a school that has a 98% approval rating .

>> you mentioned that.

>> you know ivanka trump , very honest person -- we don't have a case, don't worry, this case is going away.

>> let's talk about the university, though, do you believe the students that enrolled thought they were going to college and not just a three-day seminar.

>> no, the students that enrolled knew exactly what they were doing and what they were getting and after the seminars and after they finished the courses, they were given an application to sign or a report card on us, what do you think of the job that they did? what did you think of the instructors. we had a 98% approval. now, you turn on television late at night , you'll see hundreds of people going around, and none of these people get sued. if they listened to me, they would have made a lot of money.

>> you said this is about extors extorti extortion. he wants campaign funds. do you have any e-mails or voice mails or letters?

>> absolutely. he asked for money during the investigation, people in my firm including one of my lawyers for campaign contributions . who ever heard of this? he is asking for campaign contributions while he is looking into trump. what kind of attorney general is this? one other thing that is very interesting i just found out yesterday. on thursday evening in syracuse he met with president obama . he then signed the lawsuit and filed the lawsuit on saturday at 1:00. now i have been doing this a long time. when was the last time you saw a government agency bring a