TODAY   |  August 26, 2013

US spied on UN, German magazine says

The German magazine Der Spiegel reported Sunday that the NSA secretly monitored United Nations meetings in New York by hacking into the U.N.’s video conferencing system, a revelation that originated with NSA leaker Edward Snowden. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>> meantime, breaking news for another controversy for the national security agency .

>> if you you can believe new fall out this morning tied to the edward snowden scandal. according to a german magazine, the nsa secretly monitored the u.n.'s new york headquaters by hacking into the organizations video conferencing system. chuck todd is in washington with those details. chuck, good morning.

>> good morning, tamron, that's right. edward snowden strikes again in documents leaked as you just noted. here's what we learned. the nsa was able to tap into a united nations video conferencing system. they were able to spy on the european unions delegation both to the united nations and other places and according to these documents, the nsa has a special collection unit. while that is about spying on and cruising some 80 u.s. embassies as hubs to spy on various u.s. allies. now the timing of these leaks couldn't be more precarious for the united states . first of all in germany they're in an election year. so this is turning into a sticky election year situation for merkel and her relationship with president obama . but now he is in the middle of getting western allies in europe to side with him to do something with syria so the timing of this couldn't be worse for the obama administration.

>> chuck, the saga continues. thank