TODAY   |  August 25, 2013

New NBC Page Program uniforms revealed

The program, which is celebrating its 80th year, is outfitting its elite, hard-working members with new uniforms, which they’ll start wearing in January.

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>> also a lot of hard work. during your years of page, most complete an average of three assignments. they have to apply for all of those jobs. they don't automatically get them but about three-quarters are able to find jobs within the company at the end of their year.

>> the joke this morning is they're all here organizing each other.

>> exactly what they're doing. and joining us now bonnie who took care of lester and i. you were very kind to us. you're wrapping up pretty soon.

>> in.

>> one of my favorite things you did i have to say, you helped teach someone on ""saturday night live"" sign language .

>> i did. things have fallen into place in better ways than i could have imagined. i taught sign language right after i started the program. the director of the program got a call and asked if anyone knew how to do sign language . i happened to be the only one who did. i went down for a couple of days and now my work is a part of television history which is incredible.

>> as much as we love these, do you want to see the new uniform? drum roll , please.

>> what do you think? did it improve it?

>> you know what, i love the suits that we're in right now. i think they're very profession professional. the new suits are incredible. they're very tailored. i think the blue and gray is visually appealing. they have a design on the lapel lapel --

>> the button is the original button from the '30s.

>> which i love. a cool addition.

>> and how else do you celebrate? you bring in kate.

>> i hope you like very small slices. will it is.

>> 80 years. it's such an honor for those of house were not part of the page program to celebrate this with all of you because we couldn't do what we do every day without what so many current and former pages do for us. so that you to everybody. it's an incredible program. get your