TODAY   |  August 25, 2013

Cool tech: Road trip app, foldable laptop and more

TODAY digital lifestyle contributor Mario Armstrong shows off his top three tech items, including an app for organizing a road trip and a laptop that folds into four different shapes.

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>> armstrong is here with some tech trends. that's a classic. classic picture.

>> gps now, google maps . that will never happen again.

>> some of these apps are trying to prevent moments like that.

>> and help you discover things you don't think about. this is road trippers, with an "s" free on the ipad. it's cool. i can see all types of things from entertainment to food to nature services. let's say i wanted to find shopping and i wanted to do antique shopping. i could go antique shopping in new york. it is going to pull up a map instantly and show me exactly where that is. on the map.

>> do you need to know in advance what you want to see or you can just say show me anything on this route, this particular route?

>> show me anything on this particular route. show me things i'm not aware of that i would like to uncover and discover in that area and then i can save things to my phone as a little bucket list so i can go back to it.

>> that's a great tip. a lot of people will use that. you have a new category of toy called the convertible.

>> yes. not a car. it's a laptop. this is something that came out about a year or so ago, but what makes it convertible is the fact you can now with a lot of the different designs of these computers fully bend this, carl, so had a it flips into a complete laptop. it's a tablet, has windows 8, touch, over 100,000 apps. very lightweight, easy to carry.

>> good battery life ?

>> great battery life , like all day.

>> $900? it is light.

>> very light. you can get it online for $200 less. you can find it around $700 so best of both worlds .

>> some new toys maybe for christm christmas. " huffington post " will stop using anonymous comments on their website.

>> that's right.

>> this shows you how the game has changed and gotten nasty online.

>> it has gotten nasty. this is an effort to control some of that nastiness. we've seen a loft vicious commen comments, racist comments, ignorant comments, and it was really all about trying to have an intelligence discourse for stories on the web. so this isn't banning all comments. it's banning anonymous comments. and what that means is now you have to have a real user name attached with who you are. but as we all know you can circumvent that with a fake e-mail address.

>> so easy to start a new account.

>> it really is. but it's a big step for a big media company like this to say we have to grow up on this internet and figure out how to have an intelligent conversation.

>> what's your best advice to people who are the victim of rude comments online?

>> yeah, the first thing is take a deep breath, step away from it. number two, if you feel it's cyber bullying and you're worried about your safety, alert the authorities. you need to look at reputation services. my recommended one would be to help you clean your name up online.