TODAY   |  August 25, 2013

Running of the bulls comes to the US

Nearly 4,000 people in rural Virginia signed up to run for their lives from a stampede of bulls – on purpose, as Spain’s famed event comes to America. Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> quite the scene in virginia on saturday. thousands of people from across the country turning out for what they said was the thrill of a lifetime , getting chased by a pack of charging bulls. hmm. the our own daredevil kerry sanders was there for it all.

>> reporter: the running of the bulls , american style . on a quarter mile dirt track in virginia, 4,000 people paid $75 for the adrenaline rush of risking it all. what would your mom think?

>> oh, she didn't want me to come.

>> reporter: the cowboys who wrangled these bulls say they're surprised some of those who chose to run.

>> some people in here looked like they couldn't run to a buffet but they're in here running with the bulls .

>> reporter: unlike the spanish version , the bucking bulls from the rodeo circuit do not have their horns sharpened. they are not jolted with electricity to make them run, and they're not killed in a bullfight afterwards. still, protesters say it's abuse.

>> we are becoming more conscious of animal welfare and animal suffering at an event like this. it takes a step backwards.

>> reporter: some runners strapped cameras to their heads like best friends luke and evan.

>> it was a lot of fun. the bulls are going it to keep coming. you have to worry about everyone else crossing in front of you, jumping for the fence. are.

>> reporter: all fun until it's not. several people thought they could outrun the animals. but bulls run 35 miles per hour, as fast as a gold medal olympic sprinter. two people were taken to the hospital. you knew some people would get injured?

>> of course. it's a dangerous event and we said that up front.

>> reporter: an event scheduled to take place in nine more cities around the country. and just like in spain after the running with the bulls there's a tomato fight. look at you.

>> i know. i got hit in the mouth, hit this the head.

>> reporter: a spanish tradition no longer