TODAY   |  August 25, 2013

‘No easy words’: Hannah Anderson attends memorial

The 16-year-old kidnapping survivor attended a San Diego memorial service Saturday to remember her mother and brother, who were murdered three weeks ago.

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>>> states, the mother and brother of kidnapped survivor hannah hands were remembered in an emotional funeral. this happened saturday. our joe fryar has that story.

>> reporter: for hannah anderson and her family, it was a time to remember the two victims who never had a chance to be rescued.

>> for the deaths of tina and ethan , there are no easy words.

>> reporter: christina anderson was 44 years old but never lived down that nickname given after she was born two months premature.

>> she was a devoted mother and a wonderful person.

>> reporter: her son, ethan , was only 8 years old and loved football so much his teammates showed up to pay their respects in their uniforms.

>> we will miss them forever. we will always remember them and ask what could have been.

>> reporter: from the front row surrounded by her grandparents, hannah listened to the tributes and a few days earlier in an exclusive interview with "today" offered some of her own for her mother.

>> she was strong hearted and very tough.

>> reporter: and for her brother.

>> he had a really big heart. amazing grace how sweet the sound

>> reporter: on this day they said their good-byeses knowing tina and ethan 's ashes are now joined together creating a permanent bond that won't be broken. joe fryar, nbc news, santee, california.