TODAY   |  August 25, 2013

More than 200 square miles burned in Calif.

Dry conditions and rugged terrain have contributed to the devastating wildfire in Northern Calif., which is being fought by more than 2700 firefighters, as dangerous winds are expected again Sunday.

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>>> first to the wildfire burning out of control. tom, good morning.

>> reporter: carl, good morning. this is one of the biggest fires in california history . 6,600 residents are under an evacuation advise richlt those evacuations, not orders. the fire continues to grow now about the size of chicago. in northern california they father the afternoon winds that carry the embers fanning the flames and anxiety of nervous homeowners watching this fair from a nearby ridge.

>> what happens, get up on top here, it will make a run, make an end run in.

>> reporter: robert quinnland has been listening to the radio traffic between helicopters and ground crews.

>> i'm a little concerned. i'm a little concerned. i have animals and need to get them out.

>> i would be gone if i lived right there. i would be gone.

>> reporter: with strike teams standing by to protect nearby homes more than 2,700 firefighters are battling this fire. now more than 200 square miles and growing.

>> that is unreal.

>> reporter: on the southern plank naear yosemite park, it is nearly isolated. so far this is burning in rather remote areas of the the national forest and yosemite. so far about two dozen structures have been lost but thousands of homes remain threatened. those homes are on the northern front of the fire. three dozen ancient sequoia trees like these not in immediate danger but rangers are taking steps to protect them and in the northern california ranch country along with the people, animals are also at risk.

>> the horses have been galloping around. we can't hardly catch them.

>> it's horrible.

>> reporter: back to the winds, we're expecting them again today. 30 to 40 miles per hour. they are likely to fan the flames yet again making life very difficult for these firefighters. guys, back to you.

>> that is a tough situation, tom costello in northern california .