TODAY   |  August 24, 2013

Panda-monium: National Zoo welcomes new cub

After a giant panda gave birth to a female cub on Friday at the National Zoo, “mom and baby are doing very well,” says Dr. Brandie Smith. The zoo still needs to solve the “little mystery” on who the father of the panda cub is, and hopes to gather samples from the baby to determine which panda is the lucky dad.

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>> night. how are mom and baby doing?

>> hi, good morning. mom and baby are doing well. we hear the cub vocalize quite a bit. mom tends to it right away.

>> i know there was a waiting period after the birth thinking maybe it would be twins. are we past the waiting period and it's only a solo?

>> we are. there's a chance we could have a twin is very likely it won't happen. midnight last night, we realized we were past that period. we focused on mom and this one cub.

>> one thing we don't know, well a few things, one of the things who the baby daddy is.

>> well, we have a mystery this year. we actually used sperm from two males. one from our male here and the male from san diego . when we do our cub exam today, we are going to try to get biological samples to do testing to determine the father as quickly as possible.

>> i'm sure they are anxiously awaiting the news.

>> it's difficult to tell when a panda is pregnant. at what point were you convinced there was a baby?

>> you know, her behaviors have been so strong this year, keepers were betting it was a real pregnancy. about noon yesterday, she just became really restless, pawing at walls. she couldn't get comfortable. we were just focused on her starting add noon yesterday. we were thinking this is a panda in labor.

>> we are loving the pictures. we are thrilled for owl of you. we appreciate you coming on and talking about this.

>> thank you so much. we are so excited here.