TODAY   |  August 24, 2013

Meet Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk’s baby Harper

Introducing Harper Estelle Wolfeld Gosk! The brand-new baby, welcomed into the world by TODAY anchor and correspondent Jenna Wolfe and NBC News foreign correspondent Stephanie Gosk this week, makes her weekend TODAY debut — while asleep. “It’s one of the most wonderful feelings in the world,” Jenna says of their baby joy.

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>>> our weekend "today" family got a little bigger when jenna gave birth to her daughter harp er wolf-gosk.

>> joining us on skype with her mommy's. good morning, you guys.

>> hi, guys.

>> is she still sleeping?

>> she's amazing. she didn't sleep all last night.

>> was this the first night you were all home together?

>> first night.

>> how did it go?

>> i used to think it was a joke when parents were like wait until you get home, trust me, you are not going to sleep at all. we slept zero seconds of zero minutes. it's amazing.

>> all night crying and carrying on and you wake up in the morning or not wake up and you still really like them.

>> it is amazing how that works. jenna , tell us what it was like. you sent a sweet e-mail saying how you couldn't have imagined until you went through it all. tell us, what was the moment like when you were together as a family?

>> it was -- it was almost like a religious experience. i kid you not. you carry this little person around with you that you have yet to meet for nine months, then all of a sudden, the stars align and everything comes together. you and this little angel and this person that you love and you go from being two people finding their way to a family instantaneously. it's a wonderful feeling in the world. anyone who's gone through it understands.

>> we are loving the pictures. i have to tell you, i sent you an e-mail when you were in labor. i didn't expect to get one back, but i did.

>> she was busy on the phone. i had to pry it from her fingers.

>> you said it was harder than any work you have done. i have been through your workouts. i have a respect for labor.

>> lester, as soon as i get back, we are going to do the birthing, maternity workout. you are going to love this thing.

>> boy, can't wait. i hope you have a long maternity leave .

>> jenna , i saw that you tweeted something this morning, something you overheard between stephanie and the baby. what happened?

>> stephanie is having a full-on conversation with harper asking her what it's like and how her second day of life was going. i was just about to melt. she just looked at her and went --

>> i have had people respond with worse.

>> the smiles coming up the next couple weeks will mostly be gas.

>> by the way, lester, i know that you put a bid in for lesterina and we were mulling it over until the baby arrived.

>> when i saw the name harper estelle, i thought that is such a cool name.

>> it is.

>> i love that name.

>> it's worth keeping secret. we didn't know, either.

>> you could have gone with south or east. north is taken. harper really works.

>> stephanie played field hockey in college and i felt like she follows in stephanie 's footsteps, harper is a great field hockey name.

>> for sure.

>> she's probably going to be a ballerina.

>> there you go.

>> it works for ballerinas, too.

>> great seeing you guys. continue being happy. try to get some sleep. it's difficult, but you are going to get through it. we are touched you took the time out