TODAY   |  August 24, 2013

Australians mourn victim of Oklahoma shooting

Australians remember Christopher Lane, the baseball player killed this week in Oklahoma, in what police say was a random shooting by three teenagers. As his family, friends and community struggle to understand the murder, teammates remember him as “a guy that we all looked up to.”

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>> christopher lane is being remembered at a baseball game in melbourne in his honor. people there shocked and outraged after he was killed in oklahoma, the target of what police say was a random shooting. we are live in london with more on this. duncan, good morning.

>> good morning, lester. many in the hometown of chris lane struggling to understand the loss of a popular, talented athlete, especially the baseball club where he played for more than a decade. chris lane's former baseball club in this melbourne australia ya suburb wore black arm bands.

>> he did a lot for this club. he's a guy we all looked up to. we all wanted to be like him and idolized him a bit.

>> reporter: he left this field of dreams to pursue greater opportunities in america only to be gunned down. a murder that stunned australia ya.

>> three teenagers targeted him randomly.

>> shocking disbelief. gary coached chris .

>> reporter: as the investigation continues in oklahoma, the questions continue in australia.

>> a lot of people have said to me, you know, would you send your kids over there.

>> reporter: the prime minister who helped with strict gun laws after a mass shooting in 1996 says there's both anguish and outrage.

>> i am angry because it is corrupting the world, the gun culture of the usa. about the risk factors when they travel especially when they travel to the usa.

>> reporter: his american girlfriend arrived in melbourne to be with his family who struggled to make sense of a senseless crime.

>> the fact that something that shouldn't have happened happened. he's not going come home.

>> the family of chris lane will be at the tribute game in memory of their son. his funeral is expected to be held on wednesday. lester?

>> thank you.