TODAY   |  August 24, 2013

Las Vegas pair behind bars over plan to kill police

A man and woman who police say were “actively plotting to kidnap and kill” at least one Nevada police officer are behind bars, charged with attempted murder. David Allen Brutsche and Devon Campbell, members of the anti-authority “sovereign citizens” movement, will remain in jail until a court hearing in two weeks. NBC News’ Pete Williams reports.

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>>> in las vegas , two people are behind bars this morning, accused of plotting to capture and kill police officers . law enforcement officers are very concerned about this one. they are part of a growing group that renounces government. here is our justice correspondent, pete williams .

>> reporter: the plan to detain and kill police officers was hatched by two people who claim police lack the power to make arrests. they charged david allen , 42, and devon campable, 67.

>> they were plotting to kidnap and kill police officers .

>> reporter: the two plans to follow police on patrol. when an officer made a traffic stop , they would take them a way to a house where the officer would be tied up and killed. she's not violent.

>> i have never intended to harm of kidnap anyone.

>> reporter: she said the police often act without authority.

>> i feel they are going far beyond what the constitution allows.

>> reporter: police say they were members of a movement called sovereign citizens with 100,000 citizens nationwide. they believe most of what the government does is illegitimate. the stop of a citizen became violent when a follower got out and started shooting. two officers were killed.

>> they are so loopy, a small percentage cannot control themselves and they resort to violence against the police or local authorities.

>> reporter: the fbi says many are not violent. james turner sentenced to 18 years in prison.

>> you can be a u.s. city or an american but not both, it's impossible.

>> reporter: they showed up in court report. both remain in jail until a court hearing in two weeks. pete williams , nbc news, washington.