TODAY   |  August 24, 2013

San Francisco on alert as Yosemite fire rages

NBC’s Tom Costello reports from Groveland, Calif., where crews are battling a raging fire in a remote, rugged area of Yosemite National Park. The fire has caused the governor to declare a state of emergency in San Francisco, 150 miles away, as it threatens the city’s water and electrical supply.

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>> wildfire in california. 2,000 firefighters working around the clock to try to get it under control. that, however, is going to be extremely difficult. this morning, more people are told they should consider evacuating for the time being. tom kcostello is live for us.

>> reporter: good morning, erica. the big news from here is we are 150 miles away from san diego and yet the water supply and water supply are threatened by the water. the governor declared a state of emergency for san francisco . 85% of the water comes from the reservoir nearby and three hydroelectric plants power us. they are offline because of the massive fire. they are moving very quickly and fast to try to fight the fire. it is growing. 200 square miles right now. 2600 firefighters are on the line. the communities around yosemite national park are under mandatory evacuation orders and voluntary as the fire eats further into the national park as well as yosemite national park . it is 20 miles away from the valley floor, the tourist areas we are familiar with. those real pristine touristy areas are safe at the moment. it's unlikely at the moment this fire is going to move into the valley , at least anytime soon. it's in a remote, rugged area here. mostly on the national park ground, the forest ground. that is where the firefighters are trying to fight it. it's a very rugged, steep terrain. firefighters are on the line and working hard. back to you.

>> thanks.

>>> a difficult scene plays out overseas. president obama is getting ready take action. kristen welker is live with that. good morning.