TODAY   |  August 23, 2013

Study: Catching up on sleep is of little use

The American Journal of Psychology reveals that catching up on your sleep over the weekend has no rejuvenating effect on brain function. The study shows that stress hormones return back to normal after 10 or more hours of sleep for 3 straight nights, and that cognitive tests did not improve at all.

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>> been sleep deprived this week and you're thinking sleep this weekend will do you good, well a study published in the american journal of psychology said sleep deprived people allowed to sleep for ten hours or more for three nights straight had no improvement in brain function. they took 30 people and let them sleep only six hours for six straight nights and then for the next three days let them sleep for 10 hours. their stress hormones returned back to normal but performance on cognitive tests didn't improve at all. something tells me people will take the extra bit of sleep.

>> my whole weekend sleep strategy is blown.

>> i can't sleep ten hours. no way.

>> really?

>> i can sleep the entire saturday away.

>> i can to.

>> i have no problem.