TODAY   |  August 23, 2013

Material Girl shows off her material grill

When 55-year-old music superstar Madonna flashed her pearly whites at the opening of her Hardcandy Fitness chain, she revealed a diamond-encrusted mouthpiece. She says she has worn grills in the past, but the bling has received quite a bit of attention this time around.

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>> new grill. here's the front page , the 55-year-old music super star getting a lot of buzz for sporting a gold diamond entrusted smile at the opening for her fitness chain. it's not permanent. it's complete with 24 diamonds. she has worn it in the past. she sported it on instagram with a note that said don't hate me, hate my grills. do you like it?

>> i think we should move on.

>> i want my girls barill back madonna. that's it. i lent it to her.

>> you share grills.

>> okay. moving on. trending on huffington post . if you have