TODAY   |  August 23, 2013

6 healthy, lunchbox-ready snacks

Send yourkids back to school with snacks that will boost their energy and provide nutrients to keep them healthy.  Lifestyle expert Maureen Petrosky has six options that your kids will love and are easy to make.

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>>> to school. you maybe looking for healthy ideas when it comes to packing your kids lunch bags.

>> but you want something your kids will eat. so she came up with great ideas.

>> when your looking at a snack you don't want your kids to overload before they get --

>> what happened?

>> somebody laughing.

>> funny snack.

>> well, every child is different. depending on how active they are and what age they are, their calorie intake is going to change. check with your doctor. we have easy fun snacks. this is a juice. go ahead and taste this. she is going to taste it and we'll see if she likes that. if that we have kale and green apple .

>> all the things for kids. it's one of the tools safe for kids to use.

>> that's sweet.

>> a little honey in there.

>> there's also a shake.

>> then a peanut butter and jelly smoothie.

>> looks like chocolate.

>> but it's peanut butter and jelly .

>> i didn't even taste that.

>> you have to taste it. it's really good.

>> yeah.

>> how is it.

>> do you like it?

>> you can pack these also.

>> she is enjoying that.

>> it tastes like peanut butter .

>> fantastic.

>> give a little crunch to your sandwiches is a great way to get another vegetable in there.

>> we have turkey, carrots.

>> carrot sticks or bell peppers or cucumber slices.

>> bite-sized.

>> they tend to waste more.

>> is that tasty?

>> yeah.

>> would you like your mom to pack that in your school bag?

>> yeah, i would.

>> then we have whole grains which makes them feel full longer. this is the perfect after school snack. portion control. we have peaches and yogurt, peanut butter and pretzel sticks. if you put these in the refrigerator for after school snacks it's a perfect thing. they're already done. they can grab that. did you like it?

>> yeah.

>> all right. back there.

>> here we have caitlin. this is a diy trail mix . on sunday nights at my house everybody makes five.

>> get everybody involved.

>> come on.

>> she is getting another sip.

>> you can bring it with you if you want.

>> kids are more likely to eat something if they choose it and if they make it. so this lets them pick their favorites.

>> and last we have a banana s'mores and i filled a banana with nutella and marshmallows. kids don't like brown bananas. split it halfway through. we filled it with almond butter and jelly.

>> take a bite.

>> this is a treat.

>> the banana is nice and yellow when you open it up and your kids get a taste.

>> guys, thumbs up? good thumbs up?

>> try one? okay.

>> very nice.

>> that's right.

>> some of your trail mix