TODAY   |  August 23, 2013

6 ways to give your bedroom a designer look

Giving your bedroom a designer doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Erica Domesek, founder of DIY brand “P.S. – I made this,” joins Al and Mel B to demonstrate some ways to freshen up your room with things you may already have around the house.

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>> thank you very much, al. everyone would love to have a designer bedroom but no one loves the price tag that comes with it, right?

>> that's right. we'll show you how to get the high end look with easy diy decor that can trick anyone into thinking it's expensive. she is the author of the upcoming book p.s. you're invited.

>> hey, good to see you.

>> hold on.

>> we have price tags.

>> we have a game today. do you like games?

>> we love games on this show.

>> that makes three of us. are you ready?

>> all right.

>> you pick which one is the designer and which one is diy. we have beautiful lamps right here.

>> i think this is diy.

>> put your sticker on it.

>> i'll put my sticker on this.

>> one of you is right. one of you is wrong.

>> clearly.

>> this is the diy version. let me tell you, this is a lamp shade this was purchased and made and let me show you right here, this is just a typical lamp shade that is plain white and all we did was use paint. i used some little blue fabric paint and water. 20 minutes , that's all you need.

>> that's one tough ombre.

>> which is designer and which is diy.

>> i was going to say that one too. diy.

>> well, you guys guessed it. you're direct. this one here is the expensive one and it's smaller.

>> how much is that.

>> this one here is almost $60.

>> no way.

>> this one here, repurpose two plates from home and a candlestick holder, glue, that's all you need. let it sit for a couple of hours. you can put make up on here.

>> candles, anything.

>> even dessert treats. we like macaroons.

>> who doesn't like a macaroon.

>> i love them.

>> what is that?

>> the french pastries.

>> all right. now, speaking about france, let's talk morocco. which is designer? which is diy?

>> this is diy.

>> you guy guessed i can't fool you but the cool thing about this is --

>> that's okay.

>> i win, al.

>> so this mirror here, this is a game. this is the real game. we're laughing. let me show you guys this is over $300. so now go to any big box store , a hardware store and for about $20 you can buy this and create your own mirror.

>> we're running out of time .

>> which one, pick.

>> this is diy.

>> this is tie dye . anyone can do this at home. these are hundreds of dollars.

>> this is diy.

>> yes, these are hundreds of dollars. this the one we made.

>> so this is the diy one.

>> this one is here. we're just moving along. i know the game is getting confusing.

>> all you need is a pillow case and mirrors.

>> now we'll go to my last ones. i love wall art. do you want to do this with me.

>> this is cool.

>> this is inspired by --

>> i'm not putting lipstick on.

>> not again.

>> get involved. this is inspired by one of my favorite artists. put lipstick on. makes for great wall art. give it a kiss.

>> look at that.

>> repeat.

>> i like that.

>> that's cute.

>> it's fun. it's cute, you don't have to spend any money. you all have lipstick at home. repurposing things you have at home and reuse and reinventing.

>> yeah.

>> that's what diy is all about.