TODAY   |  August 23, 2013

Material grill: Madonna sports gold-plated mouthpiece

“Extra” correspondent A.J. Calloway reports the latest celebrity news, including 55-year-old Madonna was photographed on Wednesday a gold-plated “grill” mouthpiece and Ben Affleck being chosen as the next big-screen Batman.

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>>> the hot celebrity news from madonna 's latest shocker to the big ben afleck announcement. we have your ticket to hollywood. a.j. is a correspondence for extra.

>> good morning. how are you doing?

>> how are you doing?

>> great.

>> a new dad.

>> what's her name.

>> amy bell.

>> 11 days old.

>> we can't show the picture because it's an extra exclusive.

>> yes.

>> but we did see it.

>> and just giving you a hint, it's a.j. topless with his daughter on him.

>> sexy dad look.

>> very sexy dad.

>> working on it.

>> well, you did a little topless thing.

>> let's don't go there. let's don't go there.

>> first category, everybody is talking about this. they have announced ben afleck will be batman in the next superman movie .

>> yes, he will.

>> this is huge.

>> it is big news. everybody was surprised. either they love it or hate it. ben afleck , he has acting chops. i don't think it's a stretch. i think it will be really good.

>> please.

>> i have mixed feelings about ben afleck playing that part.

>> there are mixed feelings.

>> i think he'll be terrific.

>> i do too. you think of the history of the m batmans before him. everybody is comparing him to christian bale . but he'll do fine.

>> everybody thought when they said michael keaton and when you saw him --

>> it worked.

>> he was terrific.

>> exactly.

>> what do you think of the idea?

>> i like it.

>> we're at work.

>> you got notes so i got my phone. look at mel.

>> okay.

>> always judging, al.

>> yes, she is.

>> i love this, kelly clarkson announcing plans to elope with her fiancee. if you announce it is it really eloping?

>> no it's not. that doesn't count.

>> well, they put out save the dates and they said that too much information was being leaked.

>> i think i left my phone on. i wanted to make sure it didn't ring.

>> they sent out save the dates and they said too much information was being leaked so they took that away. they threw out an engagement photo and said it's just going to be her and him and his kids and a minister and they wanted to keep it a private nice little ceremony. there's a new video out and in the video she is very excited about getting married and being married.

>> i like her.

>> she dispelled the rumors that she is not pregnant. they put otolaryngology rumors, there was a virginia radio station that put up --

>> she is not pregnant?

>> she is not pregnant.

>> but they do give her a hard time about her weight. she is a lovely curvy woman. leave her alone.

>> next category, this is disturbing. photo of the week. madonna wearing gold grills.

>> the only grill she should have is a george foreman grill .

>> yes, mel b .

>> no.

>> oh.

>> she looks like a rapper.

>> first she goes after madonna and then she goes after her mother. i like it.

>> i love madonna .

>> she is a material girl . she is 55. just had a birthday but she is always pushing the envelope and always doing something fun.

>> she is a legend.

>> she is a legend. he's allowed.

>> no, i grilled.

>> you grilled?

>> i was at the food festival grilling. that was it.

>> there's nothing wrong with it.

>> oh, i don't know about that.

>> people hated it.

>> it doesn't look right.

>> she looks like jaws from james bond .

>> looks like she has stuff in her teeth not meant to be there.

>> like they're doing the remake of moon raker. come on. how about these new photos of david beckham .

>> let's have a look at this picture.

>> look at that.

>> look at that.

>> he is a hottie.

>> david put those out on his facebook page. they released them this morning. he has been a spokesperson before and david looks great.

>> what is he speaking for?

>> underwear.

>> his underwear line.

>> our producer is like who cares.

>> do you really?

>> speedos.

>> you bought him speedos?

>> guess what. you have as good a chance of seeing me in those as a madonna grill.

>> why don't you do the grill and the speedo.

>> people don't know where to overt their eyes from first.

>> talk about ratings. talk about girls lining up. forget one direction.

>> no, no.

>> stop it, al.

>> our tweet of the week comes from the boss, bruce springsteen . this is over his twitter account. he tweeted bruce here looking forward to seeing friends in chile argentina and brazil on tour next month. any requests. do you know what was requested?

>> the river was on the top of the list.

>> you're a big bruce fan as well.

>> i am.

>> what song would you pick.

>> look at you.

>> yeah. from the new album from wrecking ball , shackled and drawn.

>> see i like the classic dancing in the dark . love it.

>> al --

>> i'm still moving on shackled and drawn.

>> i'm going to defend madonna here because if bruce springsteen is on twit erma donna can wear grills.

>> no.

>> there's no comparison.

>> walk around with your mouth closed. don't show those things.