TODAY   |  August 23, 2013

We have a winner! Meet TODAY’s biggest fans

We received hundreds of submissions from people looking to take the title of TODAY’s biggest fan, but a mom and her twin daughters won our hearts with their homemade video.

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>> they are from austin texas and won a trip to new york and vip passes to today's concert. good morning. congratulations.

>> good morning.

>> you're our biggest fans.

>> we are. we really are. we're so thrilled to be here.

>> who came up with this idea to do an original song. that impressed all of us.

>> i told them about it. go ahead.

>> we started writing just bits of the song and then we sat down and edited it with our mom.

>> but you obviously have musical talent because it came across well. what we didn't tell you is that you're going to get vip passes to the concert but you're here on stage because you're going to sing some of the song with the group.

>> are you ready?

>> is that okay.

>> they're stunned.

>> what did you think your chances were once you guys submitted this.

>> you have to think your chances are good but i didn't really think we would win.

>> it's unbelievable.

>> how cool is it you have a mom that's so