Image: David Allen Brutsche, left, and Devon Campbell Newman, who were arrested on domestic terrorism charges in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Police via AP

TODAY   |  August 23, 2013

‘Domestic terrorists’ in custody for Vegas plot

David Allen Brutsche, 42, and Devon Campbell Newman, 67, were arrested in Las Vegas for plotting to abduct and kill local police officers after an undercover investigation that spanned several months. The couple are members of the Sovereign Citizens’ Movement, an extremist group that federal authorities call domestic terrorists.

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>>> were plotting to kidnap officers, put them on trial and execute them in a vacant house. for more, we go to pete williams in washington d.c. with the latest. pete, what can you tell us.

>> police in las vegas say the two were arrested after an undercover investigation that lasted several months. authorities charged him age 42 with attempted murder. both planned to follow police cars and if an officer made a traffic stop the two would take the policeman away to be tied up and killed. they were members of a radical extremist group that doesn't believe police have any legitimate power.

>> i feel that they are going far beyond what the constitution allows. i'm in jail because the government with under cover agents wants me here.

>> an undercover policeman took them to a house where they began building their own jail. they're said to be members of the movement whose members have been known to kill police before.

>> all right, pete, thank you