TODAY   |  August 22, 2013

Natalie, Mel B face off in ‘Hollywood Game Night’

Buzz for the hit game show “Hollywood Game Night” has spread to TODAY, as Al Roker hosts a HGN-style trivia challenge with TODAY’s Natalie Morales and guest host Mel B.

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>>> on the nbc show hollywood game night , celebrities test skill and knowledge. tonight's episode has inspired us to play our own version of the game. we're calling it cast of characters. i'm going to be the moderator. natalie and mel b going head to head. 60 seconds on the clock. i'm going to read some characters.

>> do we have to say tv show or band?

>> no, i'm going to read it. okay. so here we go. rachel green , monica --

>> tv show , "friends".

>> norm peterson , woody peterson.

>> yes.

>> tv show .

>> yes.

>> honeymooners? cheers. cliff.

>> cheers.

>> norm. norm.

>> here we go, chris kirkpatrick --

>> nsync.

>> mr. carson, mrs. hughes, matthew cally.

>> downing ton abbey.

>> come on, mel b .

>> i'm not very good at this at all.

>> here we go. emma bunkton.

>> spice girls !

>> yeah.

>> joey gladstone , danny tanner , d.j. tanner .

>> "full house".

>> all right. natalie is our winner. don't forget, hollywood game night is --

>> that was not a fair game .

>> okay. one more time. a.j. mcclean, holley doro. nick carter .

>> oh.

>> yes.

>> nsync.

>> back street boys.

>> okay.

>> i should know that.

>> kathie lee , hoda, al.

>> yeah. coming up next.

>> your local news.

>> hollywood game night tonight!