TODAY   |  August 22, 2013

Moving 101: How to move homes pain-free

Is there such a thing as a stress-free move? Elaine Griffin, contributing design editor at “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine, says avoiding moving scams and getting estimates in writing can save you a lot of time and hassle.

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>>> the peak moving season. whether you're moving into a new home, aside from all the boxes you have to pack up, find the right mover. taking care of your stuff can be overwhelming.

>> it certainly can. here with important advice is elaine griffin. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you have to learn to trust these moving companies . start off first, how do you know which companies are legit.

>> you want to avoid scams. do your research, ask your friends, check reviews online. you can also use great sites like unpacked, which is a really good one. you put in your info, get great ideas. their apps like my move, you put in where you're moving to, the zip post, helps you with checklists. all sorts of good stuff.

>> shouldn't we be getting insurance?

>> yes. you always want to be sufficiently insured. know what your homeowners covers and doesn't. know what the moving insurance company covers and doesn't. also if they with have workmen's co comp.

>> what do you do if stuff is missing?

>> check with them immediately because the movers need to be informed within the first 24 hours if something is broken so their insurance can cover it.

>> when you're thinking about hiring movers, it's the type of move you're making as well.

>> that -- who packs and how much it costs. you can have the movers pack it sometimes for not that much more. you'd be surprised. you can pack it yourself and you can rent great bins. now we have plastic bins that we rented from bin, they brought them up and picked them up. another great economical movers, have the movers pack the heavy stuff and you pack and move the light stuff.

>> not just the light stuff but what are some things you want to park yourself?

>> always pack your jewelry yourself, heirlooms yourself, photographs, important documents, your banking stuff. pack all that yourself. i also think you want to take the contents of your refrigerator, all your snacks, al, the day before.

>> movers don't pack alcohol, right?

>> there you go. they drink it first.

>> learned that the hard way.

>> should you be standing there?

>> yes. yes. that's a whole other story.

>> should you be supervising the move? just stay there?

>> you know what, it depends. if you have a really fantastic company, always do your valuables and your essentials yourself and they can do the rest.

>> important to get an estimate. there's a difference between binding and nonbinding.

>> nonbinding is a number that can change. it's rarely in your favor that it changes. binding is a number that you're set so it doesn't change. then binding not to exceed is the best option. that's an upper limit if your stuff weighs more but if it weighs less.

>> you pay more for binding not to exceed.

>> you set a limit.

>> that's it. that's the most you're going to pay.

>> yes.

>> all right. thank you so much.