TODAY   |  August 22, 2013

Does eating fruit make you more attractive?

Are more attractive if they eat fruits and vegetables? Cynthia Sass, contributing editor at Health magazine, quizzes Natalie, Al and Mel B about nutrition.

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>>> friendly competition we're calling nuts about health. we're trying to get the facts.

>> contributing editor of "health" magazine. cynthia, good morning.

>> you're going to ask us stuff and we're going to crack nuts.

>> i'm going to make a statement and the first person who buzzes will tell me if it's a fact or a myth. the buzzer will crack the walnut. the first person to crack the nut answers the question. first up, myth or fact. orange juice has been shown to be the number one source of antioxidants in the american diet.

>> al.

>> false.

>> you're correct, but what is it, do you know?

>> oh, blueberries.

>> it's actually coffee.

>> really?

>> most people start the day with a cup of coffee. one point for al. it's okay to drink that coffee. next up, myth or fact. four medium celery stocks contain more potassium than a small banana.

>> natalie.

>> watch it!

>> i'm going to go with fact.

>> you are correct and potassium is important because it helps reduce blood pressure. a lot of people are surprised that sell ris is such a good source.

>> i think bananas.

>> next up, myth or fact. when you're retaining water and feeling a little bloated, you should curb your water intake.

>> al.

>> myth.

>> you're correct.

>> why are we cracking nuts?

>> because we can.

>> okay.

>> apparently you have a thing for cracking nuts.

>> i heard it's because you love cracking nuts.

>> no.

>> we love to hear her say nuts. what's the next one? we have to find out about the water.

>> you should retain more water when you're retaining water to flush it out. another point for al. next up, breakfast skippers are twice as likely to be overweight. myth or fact?

>> fact.

>> actually, it's a trick question . they're 4 1/2 times more likely to be overweight.

>> you're still right.

>> i'm right.

>> yes. i'm right.

>> you know what, we might have to give you that point.

>> okay. next up. popcorn has been shown to pass mo ain't at this oxidants than fruits or vegetables.

>> false.

>> it's true.

>> you get another nut.

>> why don't you listen to the question, natalie.

>> i was listening to it.

>> especially the hollow part that you get stuck in your teeth.

>> how do we know you're telling us the truth?

>> i'm an expert.

>> okay. i'm just checking.

>> next up, our last question, research has shown that people who eat --

>> okay. answer.

>> people who eat.