TODAY   |  August 22, 2013

Family takes ultimate road trip to all 50 states

You may be planning a family getaway this summer, but it probably won’t be as lengthy as that of the Martin family, who traveled to every single state in the union for more than 13 months, covering more than 67,000 miles.

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>>> you may have taken a road trip with your children this summer. i'm guessing it's not going to compare to the adventures of one family from west palm beach , florida.

>> hi, south florida .

>> boy, have we had an exciting week.

>> we're at grace land.

>> massachusetts.

>> historic jamestown , virginia.

>> this is the statue of liberty .

>> yeah, go, buddy.

>> randy and heidi martin took their kids, kristie and kyle, on the trip of a lifetime.

>> that will be great.

>> their mission, to see all 50 states .

>> this is going to be so much fun.

>> we went up through new england.

>> after nine months of planning, they took sabbaticals from their job, pulled their kids out of school, even sold their home and all their belongings.

>> seeing all of america and seeing how good the people are in america and the different regions and cultures of america .

>> traveling by rv, the march continues traveled for 13 months, more than 67,000 miles through all 50 states driving across the lower 48, flying to hawaii, and sailing to alaska.

>> here we are at the state capitol building in harrisburg, pennsylvania.

>> they went to every state capitol , presidential library and historic site .

>> we learned a ton about politics. places i see in textbooks. we actually crossed the mississippi. we actually got to go on battle fields where george washington walked.

>> hi, we're here in nebraska national park .

>> highlights from the road trip .

>> my favorite memory is some of the snowed in times.

>> philadelphia was cool.

>> boston.

>> mine was d.c.

>> new jersey state park .

>> i like new york city .

>> colorado was really cool.

>> i think i was most impressed by flying down into the grand canyon .

>> our best souvenir.

>> our puppies.

>> two awesome puppies named trip after our trib and lippy bell.

>> as you can probably imagine, a year on the road in an rv can get tough.

>> you have to have a close knit family to survive a trip like this.

>> when the toilet gets clogged, when we're not doing well together. after days of a clogged toilet and all it takes is a plunger and we didn't try a plunger.

>> i'm an accountant.

>> in the end the martin family feels doing this road trip was the right decision.

>> i don't want us to have to do it when we're 60 because i would be sitting there the whole time saying, oh, wouldn't the kids love this.

>> and what their kids learned from this trip made it worth it for the march continues.

>> i hope i've shown my kids if you have a big dream, you can do it.

>> just get out there and show them, america , because it's amazing.

>> for today, kerry sanders , nbc news, miami.

>> by the way, in terms of school, the martin kids did online classes during the trip. they're now back in florida living in a rental home. they say it was worth it.

>> so cool. you have an epic look.

>> oh, yeah. when i was about four or five years old we took a trip from new jersey all the way down to panama.

>> you drove?

>> yeah. yeah. we drove the whole way. it was over a month-long trip but we had many stops along the way.

>> how did y'all get along by the end of that trip?

>> my sister and i, that's why we have such sibling rivalry.

>> fighting over the good chair or whatever?

>> fighting in the middle to see. tucson to kentucky. my whole family, there are five of us, then my aunt and uncle and three kids. ten neem a van, camper driving across the country.