TODAY   |  August 22, 2013

5 ways to dress like a celebrity for less

Celebrities don’t always wear expensive clothing. Eva Chen, editor at Lucky magazine, demonstrates inexpensive ways to mimic five fashion-forward looks worn by the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Obama and Vanessa Hudgens.

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>>> al. this morning, celebrity chic on the cheap. from some a-listers who love a good bargain. eva is the editor in chief of "lucky" magazine. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> stars are like us. they like a good bargain, really?

>> who doesn't love a good bargain? we the "lucky" editors love a bargain.

>> we have five looks. kate middleton sells out what she wears. technically this is a maternity dress .

>> this is a dress that kate middleton wore in her first portrait taken by an artist. we saw this at a website called mine for 9. this is a rental website?

>> yes. it sold out instantaneously. we hunted it down on the site. it's a great concept. it's maternity clothes. you don't need them for nine months. you can rent them for nine months at a time.

>> you can rent it for a month, send it back.

>> exactly. if you have a special occasion , a shower, anything, you can wear it and send it on back.

>> i think that is a fabulous idea. thank you so much to our model. our next look, michelle obama always a fashion trendsetter. tell us about this particular dress.

>> the "lucky" editors love michelle obama . she stepped off of air force one wearing this amazing talbott's dress. she always belts her dresses, which is really flattering for a silhouette.

>> so this dress is how much at talbott's.

>> just 55.99. we think it looks best with the belt.

>> we added that.

>> our next is vanessa hutch chins. she's a young actress. she knows how to rock the jeans.

>> these jeans are under $100. we love this look that vanessa hutchins wore at an american eagle party. the thing about the crop top is it can be a little bit polarizing. if you put a shirt on over it, it covers it up. this is a per week end style.

>> it helps to have a flat stomach.

>> tell me how you got the jeans? cuffing the genes, is that in style?

>> it makes it look a little more casual, a little more dressy.

>> and the tank is 20 bucks, american eagle .

>> exactly.

>> the jeans are $59.99.

>> this whole look is under $150.

>> it looks as good if not better. jennifer lawrence , i love her. she rocks one of the most fabulous trends. tell us about this look.

>> this is what we call a burnout tank. it's a velvet tank. we have little daisies on it. the top is $52. this was a banana republic skirt. this tank is versatile. you can put a blazer on over it and wear it to work or you can wear it with jeans and the perfect date night shirt. she wore it with her boyfriend.

>> you put a blazer on it, you go out with your friends at night. do you have to wear a tank top on it? is it see through?

>> it is see through. we did put a camisole underneath it. a lot of the starlets are wearing it with just a bra underneath.

>> thank you so much. your hair is adorable as well. then finally denim. denim shorts. you're saying jennifer aniston rocks this look.

>> to me, jennifer aniston is the jean queen. she looks great whether they're boyfriend or skinny. she's been wearing jean shorts everywhere in los angeles . we paired it with a nice classic striped shirt and heels. she looks perfect.

>> now the jean shorts are kind of short so is that why you get a loose fitting shirt?

>> exactly.

>> more tasteful than a tight thing.

>> we tend to pair loose jean shorts with something billow whicy.

>> if you wear those short shorts and you want to wear a heel, it seems like a wedge is a good idea.

>> exactly. that's a little bit more sporty, wearable. when you're wearing such short shorts you want to balance it out.

>> thanks to all of our gorgeous models. we appreciate it.

>> coming up next, one family's