TODAY   |  August 22, 2013

Messy desk, creative mind? Study says yes

A recent study from the University of Minnesota shows that a messy work environment often fosters a more creative mind, inspiring people to break free of traditions. A glimpse into the TODAY offices gives insight into the tidy tendencies of the anchors, but it looks as though someone framed Al!

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>> perhaps are not the neatest people. trending on yahoo!, a new study from the university of minnesota , looks at having a clean or messy office. the neat nicks tended to fulfill expectations by doing what was expected of them. they were also more likely to be generous. the folks surrounded by clutter were more likely to demonstrate creative thinking and develop new ideas. researchers say messy environments have them break free.

>> the way you just read that, you said people who are neat freaks, well, they learn to be -- sounded like boring. however, people who are clutter people tend to be more creative.

>> i wasn't trying to convey that boring, neat people -- like yourself.

>> boring, neat people.

>> for example, i do think we have a live shot of your office, matt. i think we will see there is not anything out of place.

>> right.

>> that's the matt lauer dressing room .

>> right.

>> the camera operator, don't move.

>> can we go down one door to savannah's?

>> all right. pull out. pull out.

>> there you go.

>> my dirty clothes aren't on the door.

>> you're very clean.

>> that's your dressing room . your office at " 30 rock " is completely pristine.

>> yes. except i don't work there. nothing out of place.

>> let's see miss natalie's.

>> mine is a mess. i will say i'm going to own up to being creative.

>> what's that on your floor?

>> gift wrap.

>> presents.

>> natalie makes coffee for everyone.

>> i do.

>> everybody goes to me on that office.

>> now al roker . what did we save for last?

>> also neat.

>> al.

>> very nice. you know what, somebody trashed -- al --

>> all right. okay.

>> charlie sheen trashed your office.

>> wow.

>> that explains why you're so