TODAY   |  August 22, 2013

Russian ship breaches on popular sunbathing shore

Vacationers scrambled along a beach in Western Russia when an “amphibious landing craft” known as the Bison charged onto the sand. The Russian military says that the beach is actually located on the property of a military firing range and that the ship was out for a standard training exercise. No injuries were reported.

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>>> sunbathing, swimming, and volleyball suddenly interrupted by that thing. the russian ship and amphibious landing craft called bison. appropriate, i suppose. the ship did not seem to slow as it approached the shore. people scrambled to get out of the way. no one was hurt in the incident. russian officials say the ship was out for a regular training exercise and that the beach is actually part of a military firing range.

>> wow.

>> probably not the place you want to go sun baiting.

>> the captain of that ship's kids are tubing off the back of it as they came in.

>> spectacular.

>> all of the people are reapplying their sun screen after