TODAY   |  August 21, 2013

How do you open a jar of pickles? Ask YouTube

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>>> we're always hearing about the newest viral sensation but our youtube users were gaining hundreds of thousands of fans every day.

>> yes, here with some of the best online stars to watch is youtube 's abby. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> how are you.

>> i'm good.

>> battle of the accents. this is fantastic.

>> she is a little more posh than i am.

>> you know about somebody named posh.

>> yes, i do.

>> okay.

>> did you really just say that?

>> i did. youtube using dillon heart.

>> yeah, this is a channel called household hacker and all the ones we're looking at today, these are all youtube channels that have half a billion views. how to videos, this one rising in the last week is food hacks that you need to know . you're handy around the kitchen so you need to know but some of them we're going to look at here are how to open a jar more easily. these are simple household chores .

>> how do we open a jar? let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

>> you'll take your duct tape and you need a length of duct tape about a foot, something like that. i don't know how simple this one is. what you're going to do is put a little bit on the jar like this around the top and seal it down and then that should help you open it more easily like that.

>> no.

>> what you've done is taped the --

>> i've taped it down now so it's not going to open.

>> i think you taped it to the jar. you made it a little bit difficult for yourself.

>> that worked out well. banana and the shoe.

>> shining a shoe with a banana.

>> i've heard about this.

>> i've heard about it.

>> who knows, but peel the banana and then you're just going to --

>> peel it out.

>> wruz tuse the inside of the peel to shine it.

>> and then do you buff it down?

>> use the rag to wipe it off.

>> the problem is you're going to be attacked by monkeys.

>> you don't want that.

>> there you go.

>> that's rough.

>> anyway, moving on, a scarf.

>> this one style tip, this video has 20 million views and every time it gets cold somewhere in the world it gets popular again. this is 25 ways to tie a scarf.

>> you get one each.

>> oh.

>> we're all going to demo this. we'll start with the easy one.

>> there you go, look.

>> win wendy's look book. it's a great channel of style tips. we'll start with the braid. fold it in half. you might know this one already, pull it around and threat it through and switch it around like that and it goes through again. braid.

>> then you go into a bank. all right. what's next here?

>> we're going to move on. we're running out of time .

>> okay. back to school how tos. this is from someone that knows a lot about back to school. she is 17 years old. this is locker organization tips.

>> look at that.

>> she has all kinds of ideas.

>> that's impressive.

>> she has the shelving and polled her fans to find out what's the most essential thing? hand sanitizer and mirror.

>> this you need to know about from richard in the uk but it's popular here. you start with this one. you challenge your friends to take a credit card and you need to balance it on top of the glass and you need to balance a coin.

>> is this a drinking game?

>> it could be.

>> see if you can do that.

>> i see.

>> it's got to be one side like that.

>> i did it.

>> no, it has to be on one side like that.

>> al did it.

>> no, it has to be at the edge.

>> no i didn't.

>> here's the trick.

>> what's the point of this though.

>> you're challenging your friends to do it. you fill it up all the way to the top and this is how you win and the water tension is going to let you do it.

>> very smart.

>> maybe.

>> well, i didn't see the point of that one.

>> thank you.

>> thank you so much.

>> and to find out more about these youtube stars at