TODAY   |  August 21, 2013

4 affordable Labor Day destinations

As the end of summer looms, check out some hot Labor Day travel deals that will save you a bundle, including affordable trips to Washington, D.C., and Denver.

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>> on today's travel, if you're trying to sneak in one last trip before the warm summer weather ends, it's not too late to find great deals.

>> but you have to book now. he's the host of hotel impossible on the travel channel . good morning.

>> good morning.

>> it's not too late to book.

>> but before we get to that, what was so funny over there.

>> we're going down a dark, slippery path.

>> people, they have probably taken a vacation and they're trying to get the last few days of summer out. so we have great deals around the country. the first one is in washington d.c. the group has 11 hotels in washington. their rates start at $145 and go only to $200 and what's great about them they allow your pet for no charge no matter how big or how small.

>> it's such a friendly hotel and also environmentally friendly , right?

>> absolutely. first real brand that went out and did it the right way and not just talk about it but really did it.

>> let's move to colorado, this is a town with a lot of outdoor activities for everybody in the family.

>> it's an amazing town right off of i-70. has incredible biking and fly fishing. so it's a really great place and they have a deal, the village of breckenridge has a deal of 1 $5 for the condo.

>> for the condo.

>> so you can have the kitchen, the bedroom, a living room. so instead of going to restaurants you can bring the food in and cook and save money.

>> people say the summers are better there.

>> okay, people say that will be out of my price change.

>> la jolla on the pacific ocean , $159. we feature it on hotel impossible. they do a great job and you're right across from the reserve. amazing place, amazing shops and most renovated as well.

>> last spot, orlando florida . where do you like to stay?

>> grand cyprus golf course . do you know what's great about the villas?

>> what's that?

>> their villas.

>> very good.

>> that's fantastic.

>> thank you so much. great