TODAY   |  August 21, 2013

Answers to your embarrassing medical questions

Sometimes medical questions can be a little too embarrassing for you to bring up with your doctor. Dr. Adam Ofer and Lynya Floyd, health director at Family Circle magazine, answer some of them, including how to prevent “leaking”.

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>>> back now with a lesson in gross anatomy . if you ever wanted to talk to your doctor about a health issue but too embarrassed to ask, now is your chance to get answers.

>> he is director of gynecology in connecticut. good morning.

>> good morning. we have mel b. working the crowd outside with questions. embarrassing on some but go ahead. the ones we always want to ask.

>> yes, angela.

>> yes.

>> what's your question.

>> my question is, i'm in my 40s and i've had two children and i have a weak bladder and i'm just wondering why and what's going on town there.

>> that's a great question.

>> a lot of women have had children.

>> it is.

>> so who wants to handle that.

>> well, i happen to practice gynecology so i guess this one goes for me. i give you a lot of credit on tv saying it. about half of all women will suffer it at some point. about a decade is how long women will wait. there's a couple of reasons. the most common are overactive bladder or the bladder squeezes and you uncontrolably go. so things are moving too much and you're leaking. there's medications and surgeries that can help but the first things we heard about, the exercises. only problem is most women that do them aren't squeezing the right muscles. there's physical therapy . you can go to a physical therapist to learn how to do the exercises and you can go online and buy vaginal weights. that sounds crazy. you don't do this at your regular gym.

>> i hope not.

>> we're doing a whole different workout here.

>> the point is you can workout your pelvic muscle. there are great physical therapists . i don't know if your regular trainer is capable of this.

>> is this a problem that guys suffer from at all.

>> it s. for men it's a completely different story. for men it has to do with prostate problems, prostate swelling, so it's different but there's solutions for men as well.

>> i want to throw in there that yet this is embarrassing but you want to talk to your doctor about this. you don't want to muddle through and figure out where all the bathrooms are in your neighborhood. if you have trouble doing that, one, basically when you talk to your doctor, tell him that you're embarrassed. i'm nervous bringing this up but write it down so they can see the question that you have and don't make direct eye contact. sometimes that can make you more more nervous. when you talk to them, maybe you don't want to look directly at them.

>> don't wait ten years.

>> and same thing about the pelvic muscles , better orgasms also.

>> thank you. what's next mel.

>> i'm from delaware and my question is my 7-year-old has gained 14 pounds in a year. what can be done to slow this down besides portion control .

>> 14 pounds in one year. 7 years old. is that a concern?

>> that's a concern. i'm so glad she brought that up. sometimes having a conversation with your kid about weight can be more nerve racking than talking to them about the birds and the bees but it's a critical conversation to have. one thing you want to make sure is this isn't about how they weigh or how they look. it's about feeling healthy and getting exercise. and there's a thing you want to remember is that this isn't just something your kid is focused on. this is something everyone in the family is doing. if your kid is doing portion control or eating more healthy fruits and vegetables, if they are exercising more, so is mom and dad and siblings within the household.

>> does it help to have a pediatrician.

>> it's a family issue. get off the coach. get off your ipad. get the whole family active and off the coach but it could be a health issue. talk to your pediatrician if your child has other symptoms, maybe other signs of a problem. mood changes. there could be hormonal issues. so talk about it with your doctor.

>> at 7 years old you hope they're just doing that before they stretch out.

>> one more question mel b .

>> yes, our final question. how are you doing today.

>> i'm fine.

>> what is your question.

>> well, i drink a lot of energy drinks and i was wondering, what's best for you, energy drinks or coffee?

>> or none of the above ?

>> or water. lots of water.

>> you know, energy drinks , they aren't just something that adults are drinking, they're also something that a lot of kids are consuming. 30% of teenagers are drinking energy drinks . you want to go for the coffee. the doctor will talk more about that. there's proven studies that show how beneficial it is but also the problem with energy drinks is there's a lot of additives. you could be consuming more caffeine than you think or having more sugar that leads to weight gain .

>> yeah.

>> what's the key to life? every solution is moderation, right? an energy drink has the same amount of caffeine as a typical cup or two of coffee. not a big deal but they're small and easy to drink. a lot of people will have three or four or five of them. it can cause cardiac arrhythmias. they have huge health benefits . coffee may actually be good for your health and prevent cancers but moderation.