TODAY   |  August 21, 2013

Newscaster’s young daughter makes surprise cameo

A Moroccan news anchor’s daughter popped up on screen during a newscast in an attempt to get her mom’s attention. TODAY’s Al Roker admired the newscaster’s professionalism, commenting that the woman “barely missed a beat!”

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>> learned that the hard way when her young daughter decided to make a cameo in the middle of her newscast -- [ speaking foreign language ]

>> the mom barely missed a beat. she just kept going.

>> she is a total pro.

>> i love that.

>> the poor girl was trying to help.

>> mommy's phone is ringing.

>> she handled it well.

>> if you brought your kids in to work here --

>> it's always --

>> it's a little stressful.

>> yes, it's very stressful.

>> but fun for us.